So, how you doing? Emotions are running high, and in all honestly, they should be. As I sit here in the comfort of my home, I try to remember to be grateful. I am safe, many are not.  I have food in my fridge, many do not. My family is safe, not everyone can say that. My business is closed, most business owners can say that. It depends on the day, not that I always know what day of the week it is, on where my head is. Some days I feel like I am going to jump out of my own skin, and other days I wait for Brad to come home, we have lunch and binge on a NETFLIX series (Ozark is probably our favorite, so far.) Life has slowed, almost to a halt for me, but it hasn’t changed at all for Brad, except knowing I will be home when he gets home from work. Many jobs can be done from home, but certainly not ALL. If you are essential (I hate that term, aren’t we all essential?!) you risk your health every time you leave your home, and then in turn, risk your family’s health when you return. If your job cannot be done from home, you’re laid off, furloughed or worse case scenario, fired. So, you’re home, your’re safe, BUT you have no income. So many are struggling with the online process of applying for unemployment. Life changed for many in an instant one way or another. People who remain healthy have been affected greatly by a virus that took over the world, and then there are thousands dying, I feel guilty comparing what I’m dealing with when families are losing loved ones. It’s so crazy when you think about it, who would have ever thought 2 months ago THIS is were we’d be?!?

I am a business owner, and my business is different than most. It is an umbrella for 31 local small businesses (not including the local vendors who come and go each month.) My business is not the only business heavy on my mind. I see the ReOpen NC (and America) FB pages and I get it, but…

This is not a black or white situation, there is soooo much GRAY. Yes, I want my business open, yes I need to make money, yes the economy must operate, but, people are dying. My daughter lives in NY (a large amount of my friends and family do), one of my son’s has been laid off, he works for a casino in Las Vegas, a High School friend lost her husband from Covid-19. I see people struggling to keep their businesses afloat. I really do believe the stay at home order is helping flatten the curve and I really do believe the stay at home order is destroying families financially. I told Brad yesterday I hate people who sit on the fence, and here I am, being a true fence sitter. I can honestly see both sides. As a daughter & mother (and grandmother), I want my family safe. As a business owner, I know I cannot keep a business going if the doors are closed <—– That’s me sitting on the fence, just swinging my legs. Yes, there are precautions I can take. I wash my hands, I use hand sanitizer, I am very aware of what I touch, I use Clorox wipes, practice social distancing…I do All. The. Things. The problem is NOT EVERYONE ELSE DOES. I know a lot of small business owners who are ready to take all the precautions, and if you are a one on one business I can see this working, NO PROBLEM, but when you are dealing with groups of people I can see things getting out of control quick (I can see that, because I have a good view from that fence I’m sitting on.) I am very grateful we are a once a month market, and I am very grateful we still have 3 weeks and 2 days before the 3rd weekend of May, in my heart, I believe we will be able to have some form of a market by then. In the mean time, I will keep my distance comfortably over here, from my fence, and continue to plan for the future of Seaglass Salvage Market and Coffee Break at Seaglass.

I hope you are all well, and I hope you are able to acknowledge some good things from this crazy experience. It’s ok to feel all the feelings and to have a few bad days, just don’t allow the bad to outweigh the good. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help. Shop small (online), order curbside, show grace. These are the things that will help us all get through this. Most importantly, this too shall pass, and I hope we come out the other side a little wiser and more compassionate.

On a personal note, I’d like to remind everyone that April is Donate Life Month. If you are not a registered organ donor, please consider becoming one. If you follow the Lindsay M. Benton Foundation’s FB Page, thank you! If you don’t, please pop over and give it a like. This is usually the month we start reminding people about our organization and looking for Sponsors for our Annual Event. We’d greatly appreciate it if you’d add that event to your calendar! The Lindsay M. Benton Foundation Volleyball & Corn Hole Tournament is scheduled for 9/26/20, it is a fun community driven event in honor of an amazing young woman. You can learn more about her and the Foundation on our website.

We certainly hope to see you in May, until then, please be safe <3

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My name is Kelli, I live in Leland, NC and I own Seaglass Salvage Market, a once a month indoor/outdoor Meet the Maker Market. On the third weekend of each month you will find artists, artisans and entrepreneurs selling handmade, homemade, resale and retail items out of our two warehouses. We also have food trucks each day of Market, as well as outdoor vendors and outdoor seating (weather permitting). We are open, rain or shine, the **3rd Weekend** of every month! Friday, Saturday and Sun 9:00-3:00 and can be found at 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy in Leland, NC. Once a month, every month, all year round!

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  1. Thank you for this honest, thoughtful post…especially noting that “We can do ALL things…” I keep looking for any good that comes from all of this, and I see families spending more time together, more people out taking walks, children PLAYING without an organized activity-
    but YOU are missed. Please hang in there- your vendors are artists and every trip to SM is met with original gifts & warm conversation. We WILL BE BACK.

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