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I asked our Indoor Vendors some random questions! Here are their answers…I chimed in as well!

1. What is your favorite piece to paint?

Kim (with Soul Pickets): Children’s Tables and Chairs with a theme!

Rachel (with Rachel Allen Design): My fave piece is my signature Dessert Pedestals!

Pat (with In the Sand): Anything that sits still, EXCEPT  chairs.

Amy (with The Painted Mermaid): Anything carved, with lots of narvelous nooks and crannies 🙂

Jane (with Gravel Road Designs): I love painting seating…chairs, benches, stools.

Mike (with Kinzie Krafts): Anything but chairs!

Lyndsey (with Salted Magnolia in with The Painted Mermaid): Anything unique or ornate. The stranger or fancier the better.

Tovi (with Simply tovi):  Love to paint chairs and chests/buffets, mirrors and frames , architectural pieces, lamps, China cabinets , tables, oh wait that’s everything!

Kelli: I love Buffets or Sideboards.

2. Currently, what is your favorite color, to paint and/or decorate with?

Pat: Peacock

Jane: I love General Finishes color “Linen” for customers. Neutral and can be used with any decor.

Rachel: Um Seaglass Blue of course, also known as teal or Provence, buuuut Duck Egg is the customers fave!

Amy: I tend to mix colors. My mix inspired by the Southport Waterfront wall will always be my favorite

Lyndsey: White, Blues, greens, greys, and anything chippy or worn

Heidi (with Serendipity Jewelry): If it’s a color, I like it!

Tovi: Take a wild guess!?…ummmm Duck egg blue!

Kelli: Muted, Neutral Blues, Greys and Beiges. 

3. What are your favorite mediums to work with, whether it be for art or jewelry?

Kerri (with Rescued Rubbish): Rusty Metal junk for our lighting. I also have a love for steampunk jewelry even though I rarely offer it for sale. Love using watch parts and any tiny metal thingymajigs.

Terry (with Terry Ganey Art): OOOOOO!!! Me too!! I have a bunch of rigs, gears, etc. Love Steampunk <3 My all time favorite medium is acrylic – it dries quickly. (I’m inpatient 😁), you can use it right out the tube and it is close to using oils, or thin it out with water, and it becomes closer to watercolors. Very versatile. 

Heidi:  I love creating with stone, crystal, and mineral beads. Made in nature, they are found in nearly every color. Flaws and imperfections only add to their beauty. There’s nothing like the thrill of making adornments that Mama Earth has created first. The energy of every piece is unique!

Jenn (with Jellyfish Tide):  If it’s soft enough to stamp, I love it! Aluminum is so versatile because it can be shiny or brushed. But pewter is probably my favorite because of its shine. I also love how my stamps sink into the surface of pewter.

Pat: Wood…it smells so good…you can shape it, sand it, paint it, stain it, mold it, curve it, then refinish it, repaint it, reuse it ….. (she then proceeded to quote Bubba and the famous shrimp line from Forrest Gump!!)

Amy: Old silver plate and copper dishes are my current favorite for flowers, suns, etc. 🙂

Mike: Old wood with age and character.

Kim: Pieces from the internal guts of anything that can be disassembled. The weirder the better, especially when someone has to ask what it is after you use it.

Tovi: Anything with clean classic lines OR intricate details.

4A. Do you watch HGTV? What is your favorite show?

4B.What is your go to website (or magazine) for ideas and inspiration?

Jenn: Fixer Upper. I ❤️ Chip & Jo! 

Jane: A. Yes. Sarah Richardson and Fixer Upper.
B. Coastal Living & Country Living…

Lyndsey: A. Fixer upper all the way.
B. Coastal living, Southern Living

Pat: 1-Flea Market Flip, 2-Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Kim: Color Splash with David Bromstad. It’s not really on anymore but this was one cool guy. Very outside the box and original.

Lisa (with Vintage Finds & Design):  I watch Flea Market Flip, Fixer Upper and Property Brothers.

Sheila (with She ReShells): Fixer Upper and Flea Market Flip.

Tovi:  A. Fixer Upper B. Pinterest and all decorating magazines (LOVE magazines) from country living to costal living to traditional home and veranda…all interior mags.

Kelli: A. Also Fixer Upper! B. Website: Pinterest. Magazines: Boho Style, Country Living, Southern Living. (Oh and Veranda!) 

5. What is your guilty pleasure?! Is there something you CANNOT walk by in an antique, thrift or resale store without HAVING to buy it?

Kim:  It “used to be” portraits that were a little “whacky” in character and “bad” – but interesting “cool” original art!

Pat: Any piece of furniture with cool legs!

Kerri: Just ONE thing???

Lisa: I have many more than one!I love footstools, lamps, scales, boxes, and unique industrial things. The list also includes radios and clocks!!

Heidi:  I love tiny vessels-honey pots and sugar bowls.

Jane: A chair. .never met a chair I didn’t love. For my personal collection it’s a vintage tin wind-up top.

Tovi: I adore chairs and silver/silver plate and for myself…white or cream soup tureens (obsessed) ❤️

Kelli: Mermaids! 


I enjoyed this so much, hope y’all do too! Do you have any questions for our vendors? Please let us know!

Until next time,

Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.

Kelli 🙂


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