The Characters of SSM

Once a month?!? After I give my spiel, THAT is always the first question.

Seaglass Salvage Market is not your typical shop, but our business hours aren’t the only reason. There are 26 people inside that make SSM what it is each and every month, 28 if I include myself and my husband. That is 28 personalities, thought processes and ideas. Seaglass evolves constantly because as each of us learn something new or have an amazing creative thought, we have the space and opportunity to watch it come to life each month. The goal of Seaglass is to have an ever changing Market to keep our customers curiosity piqued, and those “characters” inside will never disappoint. For more than 3 weeks out of the month, they are out there living their lives. Working, learning, watching, experiencing and creating. 28 people who each have their own vision, process and resourcefulness to take what they imagine and make it come alive each month. I learn something new every single market from this talented group.

I shop in big box stores, I purchase items that were made in a factory in China…BUT when I purchase something handmade or upcycled by a PERSON I get to meet and smile at and tell them that their work is beautiful, that piece represents something and it makes my house have character and personality. I like when my “things” have a story, have meaning. EVERYTHING in Seaglass has meaning, I think that is part of it’s charm and why both vendors and customers keep coming back.

I am a firm believer in word of mouth, in sharing the wealth and in lifting each other up. When I market SSM I market each individual vendor within the building, not just Seaglass as a whole…so the actual purpose of this Blog is to let you know THIS is their job (for some a primary job, for others a 2nd job), it is how they put food on the table or plan for a family vacation. They are husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. They are full time workers and part time workers. They are Retired Teachers, Flight Attendants, Hospital Administrators and Physicians Assistants. They are certified Dulas,  Hypnotherapists and UltraSound Technicians. They have Facebook Pages, Etsy Shops, Websites, Internet Shops and Brick and Mortar Shops. Although we want you at Seaglass the 3rd weekend of every month, most of our vendors are available all month long, no need to wait if you need something NOW.

Our website tells you all about Seaglass Salvage Market, our business hours and directions but there is also a page specifically dedicated to our Indoor Vendors…Meet Our Indoor Vendors is the best way to get in touch with any one of our amazing vendors from the most eclectic group of characters I have ever been privileged to meet!

We look forward to seeing you at our June Market THIS weekend, June 17th 9-3 and June 18th 9-5.

Kelli 🙂


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My name is Kelli, I live in Leland, NC and I own Seaglass Salvage Market, a once a month indoor/outdoor Meet the Maker Market. On the third weekend of each month you will find artists, artisans and entrepreneurs selling handmade, homemade, resale and retail items out of our two warehouses. We also have food trucks each day of Market, as well as outdoor vendors and outdoor seating (weather permitting). We are open, rain or shine, the **3rd Weekend** of every month! Friday, Saturday and Sun 9:00-3:00 and can be found at 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy in Leland, NC. Once a month, every month, all year round!

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