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I love to find out what makes people tick, especially an artist.  Kim Papanicolau, a vendor at Seaglass Salvage Market, is an artist and a fascinating person to talk with. She uses old discarded materials, pairs that with talent, and produces unique angels that are truly a work of art.

I decided to sit down with Kim…..

SSM– Why don’t you give our readers a little background on where you get your inspiration and who has influenced you the most.

Kim– My biggest influence has been growing up with a father that is a true craftsman and has always incorporated old things into his work.

SSM– Why the fascination with “old things”?

Kim– My father taught me to appreciate and to see the value in old things from a young age. We have always enjoyed talking about where something might have come from and what it was once used for.

SSM– I know a lot of your “finds” come from junk yards, what goes through your mind as you rummage around?

Kim– When I walk through a muddy junk yard, I think about the fact that each thing out there has a secret story behind it. Perhaps the story lies in the roughness of the wood with it’s chipping paint that could possibly have come from an old house where a happy family once lived.  Perhaps the patina of the rusty metal is telling me about the hard labor a NC farmer went through to put dinner on the table and keep a roof over his family’s head.  I find that rusty metal even challenges me, because I know it will most likely be here long after I am gone. It’s rusty, but it’s still heavy, like it’s refusing to give up.  I love using it.

SSM– Of everything you could create, why did you choose angels?

Kim– I create angels because I believe everyone should have one in their life.  Using old repurposed things to create them ensures that they have a “soul”.  I feel like I give the past a “voice” through my angels. I hope that anyone who takes them home will appreciate that they were made with a lot of love and thought.

SSM– I know that you name each of your angels, does it make you sad to see them go?  Like children leaving the nest?

Kim– It’s very rewarding to watch someone “light up” when they connect with one of my angels. Usually it’s because they are intrigued by something I used to make the angel. Probably something they recognize from their past.

SSM– As we wind things up, I have to ask, “whats next for Kim in 2015?”

Kim– Im not sure whats next, but I do know that I still have lots of “junk yards” to cover.

A big thank you to Kim for taking time away from her workshop. I know that you will find her as fascinating as I do. I was able to sneak a peak (and will share) at 3 of the 20 new angels for the January 16, 17 and 18 market.  Enjoy!

photo (16)                              photo (15)                                                                  photo (9)

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market


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