We at Seaglass talk about upcycling, recycling and repurposing often. Our most popular hashtags are #reuse #recycle #restyle. One of the first thoughts for me, is paint. If I find a piece I love that just needs a little TLC, the easiest “fix” is to change the color and hide the few imperfections that made the previous owner discard it.

I thought I would walk you through the process, since so many people come to the market with questions about the #restyled pieces they love.

Once you find the piece you’d like to transform…

  • Clean it! 

I do not go straight to a heavy chemical product, start simple! Dawn (Original Blue) is usually all I need. Dampen a scrubie with warm water and dawn go over the piece and dry with a paper towel immediately. Once it is clean and towel dried, let air dry for at least 15 minutes.

  • Pick a color! 

The “type and or brand” you pick is actually more important than the color, I do not want to prep the furniture I am painting, so Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan® is the paint I choose EVERY TIME. No stripping, no sanding, no priming. That is why I can start painting after simply cleaning the piece.

  • Get the first coat on!

    The first coat is just a base coat.

I am going for a “hand painted look” with this piece. I do not want a smooth modern finish, so brush strokes are not a concern for me, because I want a textured look I am not even painting with the grain of the wood (this drives my husband insane!) my goal right now is coverage, but not full coverage, as it’s only the first coat!  Once it has the first coat on, and THIS is the hardest part…WALK AWAY. Do a quick once over, make sure you didn’t miss any spots, but do not try to “even it out” or paint on top of wet paint!  WALK AWAY!

  • 2nd Coat

    You can see the difference between the 1st and 2nd coats.

This is where you see the magic happen! Once you start that second coat you see the full coverage taking effect. (I continued using random strokes to create a textured look on this coat as well.) Once you have gone over the entire piece let it dry and then “spot” paint places you may have missed. This is another plus of using ASCP®, it blends beautifully!  Once you check, and double check, for full coverage…step away and let the piece dry completely.

  • To distress or not to distress? 

When I started this project I had planned to lightly distressing it, if that is not your “thing” skip this step!  (If you change your mind, no worries, you can distress after waxing as well, this is another plus of the ASCP® Product line.) I personally prefer to do it before waxing-which is the next step!  I use a piece of 220 grit sandpaper (or a fine sandpaper brick) to very lightly “wipe” around the edges and in spots I feel create a look of natural wear. Start slow and move lightly, let the sandpaper do the work. If you over work it, don’t panic, just repaint the spot you pulled too much off. (Mhm, yet another plus. ASCP® is one of the most forgiving paints I have ever worked with!) Once you are satisfied, wipe the piece down (this is one reason I love having access to an air compressor!) get rid of all the “dust.”

  • Wax on, wax off

    Clear wax protects the paint and the furniture.

I prefer to use a wax brush to apply and a white lint free “rag” to remove and buff. Less is best. I apply in small circles and in sections making sure there is full coverage before “wiping” down  and folding the cloth as I go. You want to remove the wax, not move it around. Once the rag feels “waxy,” start using a new one. Buff until it is smooth, all tackiness should be gone. The more you buff the more shine you will see, but Annie Sloan Clear Wax is not meant for HIGH shine. It leaves a smooth, satin finish.

  • Dark Wax?

Dark wax is optional, it is made to work over the clear wax to add a vintage look, it is great to use if you want the piece to look old or weathered. I like using the dark wax when I go with a hand brushed look, the texture of the paint grabs the dark wax.

Give the piece a really good buff in 24 hours and you’re good to go!

We are done! I am very happy with the final outcome. So happy, I’d like to do a giveaway!

Here are the rules:

  1. Follow our Blog (www.seaglasssalvagemarket.com)
  2. Find the piece at the next market (Jan 15-17) and be the first to show it to me (Kelli). (Notice, I never said WHAT it is or have shown a FULL picture!)
  3. Tell me what paint I used and what color! 

You will win a Seaglass Salvage Market T-shirt and a gift certificate for a free Chalk Paint Class at Brushin Up*, the local distributor of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan® >>>>>I know, so cool right!?!<<<<<

We look forward to seeing you at Seaglass and we hope you enjoy or little scavenger hunt! Remember you MUST follow our Blog, so make sure you enter your email address at http://www.seaglasssalvagemarket.com, you MUST come to the next Market (Jan 15th 9-3, Jan 16th 9-5, Jan 17th 12-5.) and find the piece noted above, show it to me and tell me what I used to paint it! ((*SSM Vendors and employee’s of Brushin Up may not play. SORRY!))

Let the games begin 🙂 See you soon!


Visit http://www.brushinup.com or call 910-444-1022 if you would like more info on ASCP products or visit them at 250 Racine Dr in Wilmington, NC


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