What’s Next?

As January comes to a close and February comes rolling in, we are planning for upcoming events at Seaglass Salvage Market.

We are looking forward to Cape Fear Raptor Center, a non-profit wildlife sanctuary whose focus is providing medical, surgical, and rehabilitative pre-release services to birds of prey, joining us Saturday & Sunday at the February Market. We are also excited about several new outdoor vendors joining us, weather permitting!  Port City Que and Tasty Tee’s will be joining us for the first time and our favorite, 2 Bro’s Coastal Cuisine,will close out the weekend. I have scheduled an Essential Oil Workshop at Seaglass during an off Market weekend, it is scheduled for February 25th, it is free, but you must reserve a seat to attend. Just email me at kelli@seglasssalvagemarket.com There are also some fun plans for March and April already in the works. We look forward to seeing everyone the weekend of February 17th – 19th at Seaglass Salvage Market. If you would like to be added to our monthly email list, we’ll make sure you get a reminder the Monday prior to Market so you don’t miss all the fun! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop.


On a personal note:

We, as a family, have started the Lindsay M Benton Foundation. A non-profit 501 (3)(c) whose purpose is to donate to specific charities through an annual Volleyball Tournament that will be held in Lindsay’s name. Please visit our website to learn more about what we will be doing and how you can help, at www.lindsaymbentonfoundation.com, you may also follow the foundation on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers.


See you in February! Until then… Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.

Kelli 🙂

Here We GO!

Happy New Year!

As we start off 2017 at SSM we are looking forward to some changes. We have had a few indoor vendors move out and we are excited about the new ones moving in…and one who is just MOVING.

Mike of Kinzie Krafts has not only decided to expand by moving into a larger space but to share his new space with Becky of FOUND…we can’t wait to see Mikes hand crafted items & hand painted furniture mixed with the fun, rusty, crusty pieces of FOUND. Our other new indoor vendor is the unique, upcycled, vintage jewelry from GiGi of GiGi’s One of a Kind! She has joined us in the past as a guest vendor and an outdoor vendor and we are thrilled to have her as a permanent indoor vendor. Although we hated to see Sheila leave, we are looking forward to the new rustic look the back room will have now that Kerri of Rescued Rubbish has the space all to herself! (Our Indoor Vendor List has been updated to reflect who can be located within the warehouse, be sure to check it out!)

We have listened to your suggestions and we are happy to give you what you’ve asked for! Creative displays, smiling faces, more salvage, unique vintage jewelry, knowing what’s what in home decor, creating some fun, innovative workshops and classes and keeping our unique VIBE that seems to keep you coming back! We also love introducing and supporting fabulous local charities and will continue to do that through the New Year! We are very excited for Support The Girls – Southeastern North Carolina to be the first organization to bring us into 2017.

We are looking forward to the first market of 2017 and hope to see you there. Friday January 20th 9:00-3:00, Saturday January 21st 9:00-5:00 & Sunday January 22nd 12:00-5:00!  Come see a few new spaces, some familiar faces and enjoy the weekend…we have Food Trucks scheduled for each day and as always, free coffee 🙂

Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.


All the “Firsts”

We made it through Christmas, as you can imagine…it was very different this year. I know in my heart it will never truly be the same again, but this one, this one was rough. Our family is definitely an extended one, but we sure do know what’s important. Hate that it was learned the hard way, but proud of where this broken road has taken us. I watch my husband handle the most difficult of circumstance with such grace, he struggles EVERY day but he moves forward, and when he stumbles, he stands up stronger. He is an amazing man, father, son and even ex-husband. I am grateful that I get to spend the rest of my life by his side. For better or for worse, I would want to stand no where else.

God, for whatever reason, picked our family to survive the unthinkable…but, in the same aspect he has placed amazing people in our path to help us through. Sometimes the words “blessed” and “grateful” are the furthest things from my mind, but then He sends us an angel in disguise to remind us we are, in fact, both. We are lifted in prayer each day by family, friends and strangers. We receive sweet notes left on our doorstep, texts and FB Messages. When negativity is brought to the forefront, it is crushed quickly by positive, kind people. We are surrounded by family and friends who understand we do not know how to do this and we are doing the best we can, they wait patiently while we try to figure out what is next for us, for all of this, we are grateful. As the New Year approaches, I know it will be the last “first” for a while and although each day is a first without her, the milestones do make it more difficult. So many of you help make that difficulty bearable…for that we are grateful.

We are looking forward to what 2017 will bring to Seaglass Salvage Market and we are excited about some changes that will come with the New Year and we are of course, grateful for all of you!

Brad and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and we wish for you a Happy and Healthy New Year, filled with peace and love.

See you next year 🙂



Bah Humbug

Hard to believe December has quietly arrived. The mild weather we are experiencing in Leland, NC makes it even harder to comprehend, but it is here, along with all that comes with it. As I drove through my neighborhood yesterday so many people were putting up lights and decorations, the wreaths were already on the doors. I really don’t want to partake this year. In no shape or form do I want to be jolly and festive. Not the best mood to be in while I am planning a Holiday Pop Up at Seaglass, but with the help of my Tribe, I know I will get through it. I cannot stop the clock from ticking and the pages on the calendar from flipping, we keep on keeping on, for that is all we can do.

After 13 weeks, several phones calls, several emails and a petition we are very proud to say the entrance to our development has been changed. The NCDOT investigated and agreed a change was indeed needed. I don’t know what I thought I would feel, but what hit me like a ton of bricks was not what I expected. It made be sadder. Too little too late, someone said. What I thought would give our family some peace, some satisfaction, gave us nothing. Please don’t take that the wrong way, we are so grateful to all that made it happen and honestly, relatively quick considering…but…what if…there are so many “what if’s.” It does help to know, it will never happen again…not there, and in my heart I know she is proud that we made sure of that. Our triumph is very bittersweet.

I now lead two lives, one is where I pretend everything is alright and the other where my heart is always “hurting,” the ache just never goes away. Yes, it is a physical ache. A heaviness that is always there, yet I am able to ignore it, most of the time. I walk around filled to the very brim with tears, if I think too much or a memory hits me, the gates open. I have very little control over them these days. Then I look at my amazing husband and think of Lindsay’s mom and I know their pain is a million times worse, and my heart aches more. I know there is no end to their grief, they are different people now. If you know someone who has suffered a loss do not tell them to move on or get over it, hold their hand and just walk with them wherever this new journey takes them. If you have suffered a loss, if you are grieving, please know you are not alone. Someone, somewhere understands…don’t be afraid to reach out.

I am extremely thankful for having an amazing group of people around me, and for having this wonderful outlet to express myself. It helps so much to just put it out there, thank you for allowing me to share my story with all of you.

As December begins, I look forward to 2 events at Seaglass Salvage Market. The Holiday Pop Up on Saturday December 10th from 10:00-4:00 and our regularly scheduled Market December 16-18. The Pop Up should be great fun as the vendors are working day and night to make it a wonderful event. We just confirmed with T’Geaux Boys, so they will be joining the festivities. Bess Mess, will be entertaining us with a Holiday Show, since her fabulous video from last market was such a hit! If you were not one of the 4,500 + people who viewed it, it is “pinned” to the top of the SSM FB PAGE, go take a peek! As always, the Good Vibe Tribe promises you a good time. A fun, unique shopping experience with some Christmas Flair. We hope to see you there!

Until then,

Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.

Kelli 🙂

Falling into Autumn

October certainly came and went quickly, although, I guess I’m rushing it, as it isn’t over yet. It certainly was an eventful month. My husband Brad and I celebrated our anniversary (4 years) at the beginning of the month, he turned 52 mid-month and his son (my stepson) Jarrett will be turning 20 as the month ends. We spent some time in Asheville, survived a Hurricane (my first), and had a successful October Market. Life goes on. It has been 9 weeks since Lindsay’s accident, in some instances it feels like its been several months and then sometimes if feels like its been days. There is no rhyme or reason to it. There are memories of her everywhere and that helps, but, I miss her voice, her smile and that loud laugh. Life goes on, but it’s so very different.

Seaglass keeps me busy, keeping up with Social Media, touching base with Vendors and booking Food Trucks keeps my fingers and my brain occupied. Brad’s Lights have become a wonderful distraction for him, and they are doing well. Strangers stopping by to introduce themselves, to say they are sorry or to tell us a sweet story. Family & Friends touching base just to say hello and check on us…it all helps…thank you to each and everyone of you who have reached out, it is one of the things that keeps us going.

The season changing has affected me in an odd way, I guess the change of weather, representing time moving on, bothers me. I can’t believe I am planning the November Market! We have food trucks scheduled for all three days and the sweetness of Dee Lee’s Delights will be back at the market (we have missed Tara, well, her chocolate covered pretzels, but her as well!) Chris, the Coastal Photographer has left, but Jillian is going to expand into his space. Kerri of Rescued Rubbish is back, she is sharing the back room with Sheila of She ReShells. The summer smelling candles in Making Scents have turned to Apples and Spices. Sweet summer Baby Clothes have turned to long sleeves and fleece blankets at OceanaireDreamer. Fall colors and even Christmas Decor has creeped back into the warehouse in home decor and accessories found scattered about among Trixie’s Delights, Simply tovi, N Marie Designs, Vintage Finds & Design, Kinzie Krafts, Gravel Road Designs, In the Sand, Second on the Right and Robin’s Nest. Christmas presents and stocking stuffers can be found in abundance at Seaglass, jewelry from Jellyfish Tide, Serendipity Jewelry and B Murrell Jewelry. Honey from BEEyond Expectation, Pepper Jelly from Our Mom’s Best, Dry Ingredients for Baking/Rubs from Mommy’s EZ Baking or Personalized Body Scrubs from Moon Tide Herbals. Now, don’t forget you can find some sweet accent pieces or entire new Dining Set should you need to do some redecorating for your upcoming Holiday Parties and if you have a DIY project you need to finish up The Painted Mermaid has so many goodies to choose from and if you love original art, Terry Ganey & BessMess have you covered, so I guess what I’m trying to say is, we honestly have IT ALL! Now, let’s not forget our amazing outdoor vendors, Becky with FOUND for example, has become a regular, she has only missed one Market since March and the awesome ladies of  The Pink Squirrel and GiGi have become customer (and Vendor) favorites. Each vendor that comes and goes outside is special, and we love having such a great mix! We are very grateful for the amazing group that comes together each month and that includes all of you! Join us for some free coffee, great shopping, lunch and a few laughs…we look forward to seeing you in November (11/18, 19 & 20) and starting the Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year Countdowns!


Until then,

Reuse, Recycle, Restyle 🙂


6th Annual Great Gatsby Gala

As I sit here listening to the rain pounding on my house and prepping for what I believe to be my very first hurricane, I happily read Fashion Fix by Jess James.

Once a week (FASHION FRIDAYS) I get Fashion Fix delivered right to my inbox. It’s a lovely way to get your “fashion fix” with Style Girl’s style tips, style on the street & more…but this week, is a little more special for both Industrial Lighting by Brad Benton and Seaglass Salvage Market. We are thrilled to be  part of The Deco Ball (6th Annual Great Gatsby Gala) at the Wrightsville Manor and the photo shoot Produced by Jess James, Photographed by Bella Rose Photography with the fabulous flowers, feathers and pearls displayed by A Ribbon Runs Through It.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Gala certainly looks like the Party of the Year and if you’re interested in attending, you can get your tickets right H E R E! We are delighted to be one of the Unique Local Vendors providing Event Decor, as well as being one of the Sponsors.

We encourage you all to check out the spectacular shops Jess James recommends for you to pull your 1920’s inspired look together and head to the Deco Gala on Thursday October 13th, it should be the bee’s knee’s.



Thanks all! Stay safe till Matthew hits the road!

We look forward to seeing you next weekend at SSM October 14, 15 & 16th! (YES, it’s almost Seaglass Weekend!)

Kelli 🙂


Ready or Not

There was no sunrise this morning, but daylight has arrived. Nothing for me to watch and oh and ah over on this cloudy morning, but the darkness has disappeared and it is officially a new day. Somethings are guaranteed. A new day will dawn and life will go on…whether you are ready or not.

Life right now is…off. I want to do things, but when I do, I’m sorry I started them. If I sit and do nothing, I wish I was doing something. It is a constant feeling of being unsatisfied. The Market this past weekend helped, and it didn’t. (See what I mean?) It was good to work and feel useful, and in the same sense I hated acting like everything was ok…back to normal. So many people came to buy the DONATE LIFE Bracelets, now THAT made me happy. My TRIBE, those random, crazy people who somehow became a 2nd family to me, THEY make me happy. The Lindsay M. Benton Cheer Fund makes me so happy, seeing people from all walks of life take time out of their day to mail their hard earned money to a Fund that is so important to my family truly makes my heart feel good. I have faith in humanity again, through the simple kindness of others. I cannot ever truly thank the people who have held my hand through this…and the cool part is, I don’t have to, they know, they don’t need recognition.

I told someone yesterday I have learned what to do and not to do when someone suffers a tragedy. First, show up. Let the person know that you are there for them. Second, leave. Don’t overstay your welcome, the truth is there is nothing you can do…hug them, tell them your sorry and go home. Third, stay in the background. Pop in and out, send a text, be ready to show up when their family has to head home or go back to work and last, keep in touch, touch base weekly or monthly or whatever…just keep in touch, don’t expect a reply every time and don’t take anything personal, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. (That last one is REALLY important especially as time goes on because it will get worse before it gets better.)

Each day is a new day, daylight will come and life will go on…be patient with me while I figure it all out and be ready to grab my hand and help me jump back on when I’m ready…and NO I have no idea when I will be ready. One day at a time has never been more meaningful to me. It’s hard to mourn and heal when you are so worried about everyone around you mourning and healing…this young ladies life and death was a tidal wave. The ripples crated by this wave go beyond depths of lives lived 5 x’s longer. My heart aches, literally, anyone who suffers a great loss knows that pain, it doesn’t go away you just learn to live with it. I’m trying…bear with me.

Thank you,

Kelli 🙂