Become a VENDOR!

*The Original Building at SSM is full, we are looking for vendors in The Annex, the second building right next door!

Space in The Annex is $35 per day, it is first come first serve by availability. Vendors wanting to attend all 3 days will get precedence, then 2, then 1. As it fills with Continuing Vendors daily spots will become less available.

If you are interested in a spot please send us an email with

  • contact info
  • a brief bio
  • a link to your FB page or website, if you do not have a website or FB page you MUST send pics of CURRENT product and displays. *Please note, we would prefer small businesses who have a presence on Social Media.

Send email to:

If you are approved we will email you an application. PLEASE read it over, all the info you need is on the pages accompanying the 2 page application, please let us know if you have any questions. Our goal is to keep the market as diverse as possible, we want the vendors to make money and the customers to be happy, if your product is similar to another approved vendor, you may be put on the waiting list.

***Please email requests and we will start the application process, do not text or FB Message pictures or requests. Please attach all pics to one email so I do not end up with several individual emails, thank you!***

Outdoor space is $25.00 per day for a 10×10 space, $65.00 for the weekend, you must provide your own tent and tables (Tents are mandatory.) If you are attending all 3 days and would like to pay $65 you must pay in full at time of setup. You may attend 1, 2 or all 3 days.

Although we occasionally have direct marketing companies as guest vendors, we are not accepting applications from DM or MLM companies for indoor or outdoor vendors at this time.

If you are a local 501(c)(3) and would like to have a tent at the market, free of charge, please contact us!

Thank you for your interest!


7 thoughts on “Become a VENDOR!

  1. Hi, I’m a Basketry Artist/Teacher who is looking for an Art geared market at which to vend. Your event was recommended to me by a Dr. in Wilmington. All baskets are handmade, no glue or tacks out of reed/sea grass/cane. I design and weave for art and practical use and dye all my own materials. Would this market be a ‘fit’ for this craft/art?


  2. Hi im looking for events to bring my homemade sweets i do things as singles take n go some whole. Some things i do are pound cake slices, loafs, mini bundts, cheesecake bites, fudge, pb balls, peanut clusters, pecan clusters, cookies, brownies, coconut cream balls. All these are homemade not boxes. U name it more than likely i can do it.


  3. How do you become an inside vendor for the annex? How much is it for an inside vendor? Do you leave your items up each time or take them down after the weekend is over with? My business email is, if you need that to answer my questions. Thank you for your time. Becky


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