Become a VENDOR!

*We are currently full indoors.

Please contact us at for more info, indoor spaces (when available) are $1.75 per square foot. This includes 2 days to set up, the 3 day market, and social media marketing. It also includes storage for your items until the next market, however, you must pay for the next market at the end of the current market in order to leave your items in your current space for the month.

Outdoor space is $25.00 per day for a 10×10 space, $75.00 for the weekend, you must provide your own tent and tables. If you are interested in a spot please send us an email with your contact info and some pictures (or a link to your FB page or website) of the items you plan to sell. We will advise if approved and we will email you an application. You can attend the market 1, 2 or all 3 days…whatever day you do join us you must stay the entire day.

Please contact us at, provide your info, a description of what you sell and some pictures and we will start the application process, you must be approved for both indoor and outdoor spots.

Thank you for your interest!



9 thoughts on “Become a VENDOR!

  1. Lorraine Gillette says:

    Hi, interested in a outdoor space for your coming up sale in June. I don’t have a web site but I can send you some pictures of some of the pieces I’ve done. Thanks


  2. Pam Milat says:

    Hi, I’m a Basketry Artist/Teacher who is looking for an Art geared market at which to vend. Your event was recommended to me by a Dr. in Wilmington. All baskets are handmade, no glue or tacks out of reed/sea grass/cane. I design and weave for art and practical use and dye all my own materials. Would this market be a ‘fit’ for this craft/art?


  3. Kim Clifton says:

    Hi! I am interested in becoming vendor starting in September. I carry bags/totes, wreaths, jewelry, dish cloths, and few other items. Please let me know where to send pictures to. I am unable to get the email to go through.
    Thank you,


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