Become a VENDOR!

*We are currently full indoors.

Outdoor space is $25.00 per day for a 10×10 space, $75.00 for the weekend, you must provide your own tent and tables (Tents are mandatory.) You may attend 1, 2 or all 3 days.

If you are interested in a spot please send us an email with

  • contact info
  • a brief bio
  • a link to your FB page or website, if you do not have a website or FB page you MUST send pics of CURRENT product.

Send email to:

If you are approved we will email you an application. PLEASE read it over, all the info you need is on the pages accompanying the 2 page application, please let us know if you have any questions.

***Please email requests and we will start the application process, do not text or FB Message pictures or requests. Please attach all pics to one email so I do not end up with several individual emails, thank you!***

Although we occasionally have direct marketing companies as guest vendors, we are not accepting applications from DM companies for indoor or outdoor vendors at this time.

If you are a local 501(c)(3) and would like to have a tent at the market, free of charge, please contact us!

Thank you for your interest!



14 thoughts on “Become a VENDOR!

  1. Lorraine Gillette says:

    Hi, interested in a outdoor space for your coming up sale in June. I don’t have a web site but I can send you some pictures of some of the pieces I’ve done. Thanks


  2. Pam Milat says:

    Hi, I’m a Basketry Artist/Teacher who is looking for an Art geared market at which to vend. Your event was recommended to me by a Dr. in Wilmington. All baskets are handmade, no glue or tacks out of reed/sea grass/cane. I design and weave for art and practical use and dye all my own materials. Would this market be a ‘fit’ for this craft/art?


  3. Kim Clifton says:

    Hi! I am interested in becoming vendor starting in September. I carry bags/totes, wreaths, jewelry, dish cloths, and few other items. Please let me know where to send pictures to. I am unable to get the email to go through.
    Thank you,


  4. Robert Krause says:

    I make Decorative wall mirrors .From 5″ to 13″ all are round . I would like to Become a vendor. In February . Please mail application I do not have a printer. 2017 willow stone court Leland nc 28451 Thank you.


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