Getting “IT” Out There…

As a business owner you try to do all you can to get your “name” out there. Social Media, websites, advertising, and good old fashioned “Hi, I’m Kelli, I own Seaglass Salvage Market in Leland….blah, blah, blah”….pretty much to everyone you meet. You think your making progress and then you meet a group of people and not ONE of them have heard of SSM! Really?!?! Knock the wind right outta my sails why don’t ya!

Right Place, Right Time.

I live in Compass Pointe, each quarter I get North Brunswick Magazine delivered to my home, as does everyone else in my community. I never really thought about it before, it just comes and I enjoy reading it. Cool. Turns out 22 other communities in North Brunswick also get that publication in their mail box. That’s A LOT of homes, North Brunswick is the second fastest growing county in NC and Leland is the fastest growing town.  Hmmmm, looks like I finally realized where I need to be advertising! I headed to the website, shot them an email and got a call back the next day. The salesman, Joe Cipalla, was super nice and the gentleman who came with him, Justin, was great as well. Turns out their Spring Issue (March 2016) is the issue they will be introducing a few new businesses…PERFECT. I’d be a fool not to advertise with them. Sign me up!

It’s Funny How Things Happen.

Joe and Justin, loved the concept of SSM, (I think I may have failed to mention, Justin, is Justin Williams, Owner & Publisher of NBM), and I believe THAT is where the ball started rolling. Fast forward to the next market, January 15th, and in walks Megan Deitz and Tonya Robinson, they are here to take a few pictures. They are lovely! Professional, but so personable, and I believe they stayed much longer than they planned. We joked with them about a full article (and possibly the cover!?!), it was all in good fun. They too, loved the concept and the “vibe” of SSM.

When Heather Lowery contacted us for a meeting and the word “article” was used…I tried not to get ahead of myself. (((She probably just wants some basic info I told Brad, really talking to myself.))) Heather was very easy to talk to, and truly interested in our story and SHE TOO loved Seaglass. She took a few notes, and she was on her way.

(((It will just be a “blurb”, but a blurb is good I thought!)))

The February and March Markets came and went…as March was coming to an end, I was getting more and more anxious (patience is not my strong point) and then yesterday 3/30/16, THIS HAPPENED. It wasn’t a blurb, it was in fact an article, (spread out over 6 pages, but whose counting?!?) but not only that…it was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. They GOT it, they felt the VIBE and they helped me GET IT OUT THERE.

It doesn’t matter what your business plan is, it is the people within it, your TRIBE, that makes it wonderful. From our tribe to yours, thank you for seeing what we see in Seaglass Salvage Market, and thank you for wanting to share it in 20,000 copies!



We hope to see you at Seaglass Salvage Market April 15-17th, trust me we will have PLENTY of North Brunswick Magazine’s on hand!

Check the stands today!

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My name is Kelli, I live in Leland, NC and I own Seaglass Salvage Market, a once a month indoor/outdoor Meet the Maker Market. On the third weekend of each month you will find artists, artisans and entrepreneurs selling handmade, homemade, resale and retail items out of our two warehouses. We also have food trucks each day of Market, as well as outdoor vendors and outdoor seating (weather permitting). We are open, rain or shine, the **3rd Weekend** of every month! Friday, Saturday and Sun 9:00-3:00 and can be found at 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy in Leland, NC. Once a month, every month, all year round!

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