February Fun!

We are very excited that our February Market is just a mere 10 days away! What an awesome lineup we have… Trixie’s Delights, simply tovi featuring N. Marie Designs and C. Jackson Davis, BEEyond Expectation, Serendipity Jewelry, Rescued Rubbish, Our Mom’s Best, It’s SEW Cute, The Painted Mermaid, Vintage Finds and Design featuring Rachael Allen andContinue reading “February Fun!”

Is Old the NEW New?!

  Upcycling and repurposing are “in” not only in a recycling aspect but just because OLD pieces have great stories attached to them, as well as wonderful memories. Old doors, chippy shutters, cake tins, tea cups, even claw foot bathtubs can be found in almost every “HOME” magazine. Turns out, old is the NEW new.Continue reading “Is Old the NEW New?!”