Summer Days

Is it even possible that it is almost JUNE?!?! Yes, yes it is. I feel like it is time to give you all an update on our family. So many of you reach out each market, whether it be by a sweet smile and a nod of your head or a hug and a patContinue reading “Summer Days”

April-Donate Life Month

As we head into the 4th month of 2017, and hopefully some lovely weather, we are excited to see what’s coming next to SSM! Our indoor vendor list has shifted, and we have some moving going on and some additions! But first, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to a very dear friendContinue reading “April-Donate Life Month”

What’s Next?

As January comes to a close and February comes rolling in, we are planning for upcoming events at Seaglass Salvage Market. We are looking forward to Cape Fear Raptor Center, a non-profit wildlife sanctuary whose focus is providing medical, surgical, and rehabilitative pre-release services to birds of prey, joining us Saturday & Sunday at the FebruaryContinue reading “What’s Next?”

Falling into Autumn

October certainly came and went quickly, although, I guess I’m rushing it, as it isn’t over yet. It certainly was an eventful month. My husband Brad and I celebrated our anniversary (4 years) at the beginning of the month, he turned 52 mid-month and his son (my stepson) Jarrett will be turning 20 as theContinue reading “Falling into Autumn”

A “Pop Up!” and some random facts…

The month of May seems like a perfect time to throw in an extra Market! Picking a date was hard. As the weather gets nicer people make more plans, and it feels like every weekend there is “something.” Showers, Weddings, Birthdays and Graduations fill up our weekend plans. We picked a date, and now we will crossContinue reading “A “Pop Up!” and some random facts…”

Looking for a Change?

My husband and I built our first home together before we married. We picked a lovely model, tweaked it to our liking and waited, with excited anticipation, for the home we would start our new life in. I immediately began designing our home in my head…colors, fabrics, focal pieces, even tiny details for the builtContinue reading “Looking for a Change?”

Getting “IT” Out There…

As a business owner you try to do all you can to get your “name” out there. Social Media, websites, advertising, and good old fashioned “Hi, I’m Kelli, I own Seaglass Salvage Market in Leland….blah, blah, blah”….pretty much to everyone you meet. You think your making progress and then you meet a group of peopleContinue reading “Getting “IT” Out There…”