Falling into Autumn

October certainly came and went quickly, although, I guess I’m rushing it, as it isn’t over yet. It certainly was an eventful month. My husband Brad and I celebrated our anniversary (4 years) at the beginning of the month, he turned 52 mid-month and his son (my stepson) Jarrett will be turning 20 as theContinue reading “Falling into Autumn”

6th Annual Great Gatsby Gala

As I sit here listening to the rain pounding on my house and prepping for what I believe to be my very first hurricane, I happily read Fashion Fix by Jess James. Once a week (FASHION FRIDAYS) I get Fashion Fix delivered right to my inbox. It’s a lovely way to get your “fashion fix”Continue reading “6th Annual Great Gatsby Gala”

What’s Your “Splurge?”

I am not afraid to spend a little money, I am a firm believer of “you get what you pay for,” however, I’m not a pushover either. There are certain products I buy in certain stores, for example I won’t buy toothpaste or deodorant in the grocery store…common sense, right? Same product, more money…this toContinue reading “What’s Your “Splurge?””

Stages of Life

I looked around today, to see what I could do “around” the house. There wasn’t really anything…I mean there is always something, but the house looked pretty good overall. Funny, 20 years ago there was something to do every minute of every day, actually there wasn’t enough hours in the day. Then I realized…no moreContinue reading “Stages of Life”