Looking For A New Marketing Outlet?

As most of you know, SSM is a once a month Market in Leland. We are very grateful for the following we have acquired and we are very proud of the growth we see each month, both in foot traffic and on our website and social media pages, which we work diligently on every day! Continue reading “Looking For A New Marketing Outlet?”


July, was a HOT one…but we survived! Thank you to all who battled the crazy heat and random storms to visit us at this past market, your dedication to us truly makes us HAPPY! We are curious to see what August holds, it certainly can’t get any hotter … right?!?! (Just humor me, pa leeeeeeze!) AugustContinue reading “#igotitatseaglass”

The Importance of Color

I was in Nevada this week, visiting my sons (and picking up my grandson for a summer visit) while we were enjoying our time together, catching up and reminicing there was something random I noticed about our surroundings…everything was predominantly BROWN. Thank God for the beautiful blue skies, and the few green trees, otherwise, IContinue reading “The Importance of Color”

Stages of Life

I looked around today, to see what I could do “around” the house. There wasn’t really anything…I mean there is always something, but the house looked pretty good overall. Funny, 20 years ago there was something to do every minute of every day, actually there wasn’t enough hours in the day. Then I realized…no moreContinue reading “Stages of Life”