Twice in November

We are excited to be able to see everyone twice next month! Then in December we have a one day pop up on the 1st and then the regular December Market, so we will see you every other weekend from now until Christmas. We will be busy, but it’s time for the Holiday rush and we’re ready!

The October Market was great! The music was good, the coffee and Apple Sour Cream Cake was delish, and the crowd was spectacular! It was a consistent flow of smiling faces in and out all three days. Each and every one of us thank you for choosing to spend your time (and money) at Seaglass, we appreciate you!

We hope to see you at both of the November Markets, and we look forward to watching the seasons change. We will be collecting non perishable foods for The Good Shepherd Center again this year (at both markets.)

11/2-4 & 11/16-18

Friday 9:00-3:00, Saturday 9:00-5:00 & Sunday 12:00-5:00

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For the first time in over four years, a market was cancelled. It certainly wasn’t by choice. Mother nature had some plans for North Carolina starting on Thursday evening. We were prepped for a Hurricane, as best as you can prep, but this was something different. This slow moving storm was going to have her way with us, and she most certainly did. We, my family and I,  come through the worst of it on Sunday, but the storm lingered and the tornado warnings came and it continued to rain on and off. When it was done for us, it continued to wreak havoc in surrounding areas, as the rivers crested. Monday morning we took a quick and careful ride to Seaglass and to FedEx (where Brad works) to asses the damage, both buildings fared well and by Monday evening our power was restored and all was right with the world. I wish that was the ending to the story. People are still without power, businesses are closed, people are stuck out of town, others trapped in their own homes…and others, left with nothing. The floods continue, even still this morning, as rivers crest and high tide reaches record breaking highs. We pray for our community, and the many others in Florence’s path. I am the only one who thinks of Mr. Rogers when  tragedy ensues?

For every horror story of the “bad” people out there you hear, the looters and the schemers, there are dozens of “good” people stories to restore your faith. As we pull the pieces back together we will prep for the October Market with hope that somehow life will become normal again. We will find ways to support our community and the many people still struggling to get back on their feet. We are trying to figure out if the Lindsay M Benton Foundation Fundraiser (scheduled for 9/29) is a even a possibility, and we will have more info on that in the next day or two.

Patience and kindness in the coming weeks is what I ask each of you in the surrounding areas to find within yourself, it is what I will be praying for me to find within myself. And remember, LOOK FOR THE HELPERS.

mr rodgers
“…We not only pray Lord that You would send volunteers into places that need help to cope with the disasters that they are facing, but we ask that You would prompt Christians to hear the call and take the gospel with them into these places that have been so devastated by their local disaster…”  -Prayer for Relief Workers & Volunteers 


Let Me Introduce Us (Again!)

Every now and then I feel the need to reintroduce our crew to new followers on the Blog and our Social Media Pages, as we celebrate an anniversary this month I thought it would be a perfect time!

I cannot believe this past market started year 5 for us at SSM! We have had 4 full years of growing and changing. We made it through freezing winters and blistering hot summers and rain (lots and lots of rain!) We learn something new each month and even though the faces of the Seaglass “family” changes, its always so nice when past faces pop in as either an outdoor vendor or a customer. Mind you, nothing is perfect, there is no business that is for everyone, there are vendors that come and choose to go because our customers aren’t “their people,” and that’s ok.  You live, you learn and you move on. If you can learn that not everyone is going to click,  but you can still wish them well on their journey, that is a sign of maturity and professionalism. It is something I try to achieve with each and every market. I find myself thinking of the saying, “Your candle will not burn any brighter by blowing someone else’s candle out.” We have kept the same business plan throughout our 4 years, I am up front and honest about what you should expect as a vendor and as a customer. We do not claim to be a massive market like Magnolia, we are a small local market that puts on a lovely, family friendly “show” once a month and we are proud of it. The building is only so big, and the weather decides if the outdoor vendors will be able to join us or not. But I promise you this, we have a group of indoor vendors that take great pride in Seaglass as a whole, we love what we create there each month and we so appreciate those of you who “get it” and keep coming back! We love when customers, old or new, walk in and smile, like they have found their happy place. If you are a regular we thank you for your continued support, if you haven’t gotten a chance to visit us yet, check out our website and pick a date and c’mon…what are you waiting for?!? First timers, of course, aren’t sure what to expect. We have a small warehouse in the middle of a highway in Leland, NC that we turn into a sweet little shop each month. Our indoor vendors each have their own spaces and sell their own products. From Candles and soaps, to upcycled furiture, to vintage items and original Art, there is something for everyone. Although we have handmade and homemade (from baked goods to jewelry), we also carry gently used items and have sprinkles of retail here and there. The warehouse is open the third weekend of every month all year round…rain or shine. Fabulous local outdoor vendors, on days where NC weather allows, are an added bonus to the already awesome indoor market. We have a fabulous play list, lots of friendly faces and free coffee ready to greet you at every market. Being from NY, food is very important to me, so there is a local food truck serving up lunch at every market as well!

Currently, this is US…this is Seaglass (missing just a few camera shy vendors!)39506671_2114243505490863_2986288531820773376_o

We hope to see you at the September Market, Friday 9/14 9-3, Saturday 9/15 9-5 and Sunday 9/16 12-5…tell your friends!

Once a month, every month, Seaglass Salvage Market!



July Market!

We couldn’t wait for summer to arrive and now, as we melt our way through it, it is hard to believe its almost done! As we prepare for the July Market, just like every summer, we watch the weather more than anything else. Of course, we want it to be nice out…but not too nice as then we are afraid everyone will run to the beach…BUT we certainly don’t want any rain! We are at the mercy of Mother Nature and pray for perfect “market” weather! I feel at this point we have pretty much made it through every scenario and nothing can surprise me, other than the amazing dedication of our “regulars,” because NOTHING can keep them away…and we, as a group, are so appreciative of that!

The July Market will have a few changes, as our sweet Terry Ganey of Terry Ganey Art has moved on to bigger pastures. We wish her much luck at her new studio/venue and we are excited to see where she goes from here! Please be sure to follow her page and keep up with her! I will be adding some signs to the hallway which will allow me to showcase the Dixie Belle Paint colors and be a little creative again, and the Mesmerizing Mermaid will be joining us as an indoor vendor along side Tea Lady Diane and Frances LeRoy, AND Suzanne with Amigo Designs will be changing spaces and joining us on the Art Wall in the main warehouse. (You may find all of our indoor vendors pages HERE.)

This months Guest 501(c)3 will be Going Beyond the Pink and the food trucks for the weekend are Port City Puffs N Stuff and 2Bro’s Coastal Cuisine. Our outdoor vendors vary by day and weather permitting, but the market goes on rain or shine!

We look forward to seeing you Friday July 20th 9:00-3:00 and Saturday July 21st 9:00-5:00 (no Sunday hours during the summer months!) at 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy in Leland! 



On a personal note I would like to add:

*If you are interested in joining us at the Lindsay M Benton Foundation Spirit Night at Chick Fil A Market Stree on 7/26 from 5:00-7:00, please be sure to get a voucher at the Market so a percentage of your meal will go to LMBF! Such a simple way to continue to support the foundation! Plus…you have a great excuse NOT to cook and to have Chick Fil A for dinner 🙂 it’s a win/win!

*Congratulations to my husband, Brad, he has decided to move forward with turning the first year of his Blogs from A Father’s Grief into a book and we have started the process of making it a reality. I am so excited, and very proud, of how far he has taken this and cannot wait to see the final product! We will keep you posted on it’s progress 🙂


Thanks all!


Just An Update

Four years ago about this time Lisa, Terry and I started talking about a warehouse, a market, a once a month “show” and we started putting together a business plan for what is now known as Seaglass Salvage Market. Oh the dreams we had of what it could turn into…always dreams of grandeur, I mean, who dreams small right? The ONLY 3 days a month we lied to ourselves about and how easy it would be to get people to come and shop and love the premise as much as we did. Hard to believe August of this year will be 4 years since our first market! Vendors come and go, styles change, the warehouse gets reconfigured every now and then but the original idea is still there. Great items, at all price points, in one location, once a month. Talented local vendors who come together to create something different, something special each month and happily share in each others triumphs as items go out the door.  Connections made in the community and friendships formed are as important to me, as a business owner, as the money coming in. It isn’t all about finances, although, it doesn’t work without income…so finding that balance is something I work diligently on.

Each month we have a different 501(c)3 join us, it is my way of keeping myself “honest,” of not forgetting that being a local business owner comes with responsibilities. Those responsibilities include giving back to the community. Learning about where you live and the needs within that community you can help with. I was so impressed with Roots of Recovery, the 501(c)3 that joined us in June. What an amazing organization. There are people in this world who are meant to do great things, Catherine, who joined us this market, is one of those people. They will be joining us again in December and we look forward to having them again. I ask you to take a look at their website and see the wonderful plans they have to build a community for women (and their children) as the assist them on their road to recovery.

As we settle in for a hot summer, I am preparing to head to Nevada this Saturday to pick up my Grandson. My time with him each year is so important to me. Hoping, during that time, I can make memories that last a lifetime. Reuse, Recycle, Restyle will not have any classes scheduled in June as my time with him is more important, but I am looking forward to planning my July workshop. I’d love some suggestions on what it is you might be interested in learning. The Dixie Belle Paint line is a fun, simple way to transform furniture or create new home decor, please let me know if you are interested in anything in particular. If 60 colors weren’t enough, they have 4 new ones and I can’t wait to get them and have them at the Market. Please, don’t forget we are available all month long by appointment!

LMBF has scheduled a Chick Fil A Spirit Night! Join us for dinner on Thursday July 26th between the hours of 5:00 & 7:00 at the Market Street CFA. Last year’s event was fun AND successful and we are excited to do it again. As July rolls around, we also will be reaching out to local businesses about sponsoring and donating items for the Lucky Number Raffle for the Lindsay M Benton Foundation second annual Volleyball Tournament at Capt’n Bill’s scheduled for September 29, 2018!  More info can be found on our website. 

It’s hard to believe that Lindsay has been gone 22 months, as we slowly creep up on the anniversary of the accident, we can’t help but look back at all we have accomplished and  know none of it would really be possible without you. Your continued support, emotionally, not only financially, helps us more than we could ever truly express. We thank you so much for your continued prayers and the help you have given us to keep the foundation alive and growing. Brad’s words, through his Blogs, continue to impress me and I know help others, as well as himself, and I am grateful to all who continue to read it and encourage him.

July’s two day Market is scheduled for 7/20 & 7/21, there are no Sunday hours during the summer months! Our 501(c)3 for July is Going Beyond the Pink and we have Port City Puffs N Stuff scheduled for Friday and 2 Bro’s Coastal Cuisine scheduled for Saturday to serve you delicious, local food! Oh, and there will be a few changes inside, well, because we like to keep you guessing! We hope to see you at #thebestlittlewarehouse in #lelandnc next month.

Thanks all, Kelli 🙂



All winter I complain about the cold, I pray for the summer and swear I will not complain about the heat. That isn’t necessarily a lie, since I have been consistently complaining about the rain and humidity for the past 2 weeks, not really the “heat” per se. Since I always try to look at the bright side, I will say, my grass has never been greener! Not only is the rain such an inconvenience in general, I truly hate it for all the local vendors who have to deal with deciding whether or not to go to their many outdoor events throughout what should be their busiest season. Of course we need rain, but it would be so helpful if it occurred between midnight and 4 AM. (I can dream can’t I?!) Anyway, eventually the rain will stop and summer will come blasting in, I will do my best not to complain, but don’t be surprised….

Most of you know besides being a place to shop and socialize we do love to give back. Each month at Seaglass we have a local 501c3 join us as an outdoor vendor (when they can’t attend we are sure to have info available about their Foundation and we collect monetary donations for them). So far this year we have had the pleasure of hosting Island Arts & Culture Alliance, Cape Fear Raptor, Special Pedals (who will be back in August!), Lindsay M Benton Foundation (In honor of Donate Life Month) & Semper Fi Fund. This month we are thrilled to have Roots of Recovery joining us. Along with monetary donations we will be accepting clothing, so clean your closets out before heading to SSM for the June Market!

We are also looking forward to Going Beyond the Pink, Champions for Compassion & Merits Pit Bull joining us. November and December are set aside each year for Good Shepherd Center.

On a personal note, and since I am mentioning Foundations, LMBF is looking for sponsors for our 2nd annual Volleyball Tournament being held at Capt’n Bill’s on September 29th, if you own a business and would like to join us please contact us and we will gladly get the info to you.

Seaglass is Father’s Day weekend this month and we’re hoping you will swing by and get your dad, and of course, yourself, some goodies! We look forward to seeing you June 15th & 16th (we are back to summer hours, which means we are closed on Sunday, so you only have two days this month July and August) when in doubt, please check the website!


Looking for “My People”

How many books can I read, podcasts can I listen to or facebook LIKES can I get before I feel comfortable in my own skin as a business owner? Every few months I check the internet for jobs available, thinking, it would be nice to know what time to leave the house, what time I’d be home and have someone else tell me what to do in between those hours. I’m unorganized, not a good quality in general…horrible for a business owner. I have become borderline lazy, I hope this is a passing side effect of this lovely thing called menopause, so, on occasion, I seriously have to talk myself into doing what needs to get done. I have a thousand ideas one moment, and then NOTHING the next. The one thing I am sure of is I want to go to the next level. I want to be a THAT woman business owner.

Seaglass can be stressful at times, its like throwing a big party every month and never knowing if any one is going to show up! Our monthly reminder doesn’t really come with an RSVP, we just have to hope that emails are opened and Social Media does it’s job! I am very grateful to free websites like What’s On Wilmington, and of course local publications like Leland Magazine and NBM that help us, through paid advertising, get the word out. When I touch base with friends who own businesses, like Erica from Brushin’ Up and she says, “Hey, by the way, I need Seaglass Cards.” It makes me smile, THAT to me is what women in business are supposed to be about. There is so much going on, so many people who love what we do, there is plenty of room for all of us. My husband pops into Flea Body’s and The Painted Mermaid when he can to find items for his Industrial Lighting. Seglass is a small business, we preach “shop local,” we DO shop local. I love how many locally owed shops you can find within a 25 mile radius of our home.

I want to be a better woman, a better housekeeper, a better business owner. The problem with that last one…how do you keep everyone happy? Cause that’s really what it’s all about right? Making EVERYONE love you, love your shop. Pretty big dreams there, because you cannot get EVERYONE on board, it’s not possible, so in actuality I am setting myself up to fail. So my goal is to find “my people.” The people who get it, get what we do every month and love it as much as we do, and they are out there, but they are not the voices I hear in my head. I hear the negative Nellies. YOU are very difficult to find, WHY aren’t you open like a normal business, I really thought this place was bigger. We have 63 FIVE star reviews on Facebook, I worry on the 2 Three stars. Human nature I guess. Instead of appreciating those who love us (which I totally do!!) we focus on the ones who don’t.  I follow Jennifer Allwood, a business coach, and I love how she tells you to “find your people” and don’t worry about the rest, because they aren’t your customer anyway. So I have grown a thicker skin and I have found “my people” and I will continue to make them happy, or at least try to each month.

Seaglass is a business inside a building, that warehouse that we open once is month is my focus. I am thrilled with the wonderful local outdoor vendors who join us each month, they are an added bonus to Seaglass. There are weekends where we have 20 outdoor vendors and other weekends when we have 5. Either way they are a blessing to us as a group, BUT when I get the I thought there would be more vendorsit blows me away. There are 29 vendors INSIDE the building! It is a large group that collaborates each month…don’t count the tents…enjoy the experience.

We love our local food trucks, and appreciate that they give us the time they do each month! Shopping local includes EATING LOCAL! We are also honored to GIVE BACK locally as well, with a different 501c3 joining us monthly to share their mission, and as always YOUR generosity makes me so proud of the wonderful community we are building as Seaglass Salvage Market. This month in honor of Military Appreciation Month our 501c3 is Semper Fi Fund and they were kind enough to mail us some fun give aways for those of you inspired to support them. Next month I am very excited to finally get involved with Roots of Recovery, please be sure to clean out your closets and help us collect clothing for women walking the road of recovery and finding a safe place for themselves and their children through this amazing organization…we are so looking forward to them joining us for the JUNE MARKET.

We are gearing up for the May Market, which like ALL of our markets, is at the warehouse in Leland. You can find us there the 3rd weekend of every month ALL YEAR long and there is a schedule (including pop ups) on our website. Mark your calendar for May 18-20, and don’t forget we will have live music on Saturday May 19th from 11:00-2:00! We are so excited to have Kristie Lynn joining us for the first time!


See you not this weekend, but next!

Thanks 🙂


Prepping for Market

Occasional (oc·ca·sion·al): adj. Occurring from time to time, recurring or reappearing from time to time.

If you follow our Blog, our Social Media or if you are a visitor of Seaglass Salvage Market, you know our business hours are a tad different than the norm. We are considered an occasional Market, however, it actually is no longer considered that unusual, and although we are a 3 day a month Market (2 days in June, July and August) There is a lot of prep involved.

Advertising with Leland Magazine and NBM each month, and creating Events on WhatsOnWilmington‘s, as well as on FB. Keeping the website and Social Media pages up to date, it’s not easy staying relevant when you are closed more often than not! There are little things like making sure we have enough toilet paper and big things like making sure any empty spaces that become available inside are filled with vendors that “fit.” Sending out a reminder email to outdoor vendors asking if they plan on participating and to the customers on our email list reminding them to come. Making sure the signage is still working and booking food trucks in advance. Don’t forget change, the modem, the speaker…oh, and to put the signs out! WHEW…I know people think what we do is easy, but I promise there is a lot more than meets the eye. Trust me, I’m not complaining…I love every minute of it!

On a smaller scale, I need to make sure we are stocked with Dixie Belle products, Brads lights are lit, have info ready should someone ask about LMBF and Organ Donation and have my shpeel (that might be a NY word?!?) ready when someone approaches me about being a vendor.

I have already placed my order for Dixie Belle, just need to update the stock in my square and get it on the shelves. I’ve been to SAMS Club and we are good on coffee and cups. April is Donate Life Month so we will put most of our efforts into the Foundation on Friday and Saturday and we have a family wedding to attend on Sunday the 22nd in Apex, NC…you would think family would know not to schedule anything on the 3rd weekend by now (ONLY KIDDING!) Pat will be opening and Susan will be closing for us on Sunday, but all the vendors will chip in (they always do!)

I am so pleased with our new space, but the way my counter is set up now, I kinda sit in the center of it. I don’t want to run an extension cord to keep my phone and my tablet (along with my modem and my BOSE speaker) charged. So, I need to order a new HALO, because I lost the one I had. (*Those two links are the Amazon Affiliate Links *) I will share things with you that I have purchased, use and love…if you purchase either, or both, let me know what you think of them!

We look forward to seeing you at the April Market, Friday 4/20 9-3, Saturday 4/21 9-5 & Sunday 4/22 12-5. We will have LIVE MUSIC on Saturday from 11-2 (a first at SSM!) and Food Trucks all three days. Lindsay M Benton Foundation will have giveaways, raffles and a live auction both Friday and Saturday!


See you then,

Kelli 🙂

*SSM has become and affiliate for AMAZON! Which means we get compensated (at no cost to you) if you click on a link that takes you to AMAZON and complete a purchase! Another awesome way to help support our small business!

What’s New?

MARCH! It’s here…spring is coming I have the itchy, watery eyes to prove it. It’s been a good month, we’ve had some changes at the Warehouse, which I welcome gladly. New spaces, new vendors and a few moves. It’s starting to come together and it’s looking good!

What’s New?

I am painting my mom’s cabinets at her Beach House, she decided on Manatee Grey from Dixie Belle Paint (like she had a choice on the brand we used! lol) Slow and steady will win the race…which means they will be done eventually, I’m doing them little by little on the weekends. I am reading Crash the Chatterbox, I like the premise of it but I’m struggling a little to get through it. I ordered a Stitch Fix, and I loved it! If you don’t know what it is, they mail you 5 pieces of clothing (or accessories) you check ’em out and if you like them you keep them if not you mail them back! I kept a great blouse and long cardigan, funny thing is…I would have never picked either one of these items out in the store. Another funny thing, everything fit! If you’d like to check it out, click here, the $20 fee will be waived for you and I will get a $25 credit because you signed up through my link! Oh, and I’m taking an online entrepreneur class that I love! Life is good.

Giving Back

The “Take the Cake” drive went well! Good Shepherd was very happy with the haul we brought them, I wanted to do it every month…but that’s a lot of cake! So, I will let you know when they are running low and we’ll do it again. The 501(c)3 expected at the SSM March Market is Special Pedals, be sure to LIKE their FB Page and introduce yourself at the Market. We are also actively looking for Sponsors for the Lindsay M. Benton Foundation’s 2nd Annual Volleyball Tournament scheduled for 9/29/18 at Capt’n Bill’s.

New Vendors

Sarah with Peach Blossom Pottery is staying! She was a guest vendor last market and we won her over (yay) so excited to have her. Two outdoor vendors are moving in! Nick with HAVEN mercantile + design and Julia with Little Green Scenes are going to be in the new spaces in the warehouse, we think you’re going to like the new design!


So, I guess for now, you’re up to date…hope things are good with you! See you in 2 weeks!

If you’d like to be on our mailing list CLICK HERE, and you’ll get a monthly reminder the Monday before every market…you’re welcome 🙂

Kelli 🙂



Take the Cake

For the past two years SSM, as a whole, has adopted a family from the Good Shepherd Center for Christmas. The other day I asked Brad, “What do you think those same families do when the kids birthday’s roll around?” There are people who struggle all year round and other’s who have good month’s and then bad. So what if in April for their son’s birthday they are in an up swing and able to get a cake and a gift and make the day special…but then, in September for their daughter’s birthday they’re struggling and have to choose between a cake OR a gift. Kids don’t understand, they just see what they see.

In the grand scheme of things my plan is to create a Birthday Bank at GSC, a place where a mom or dad can go and say, “It’s my 4 year olds birthday next week, she loves the color pink and Barbie Dolls and leave with a birthday present, a gift bag , a card and all the fixin’s for a cake. Unfortunately, storage is an issue. Se we need to start smaller. Our plan is to collect Birthday candles and cake toppers, Good Shepherd get cakes donated often but it would be awesome to make those cakes BIRTHDAY Cakes. 

This is where YOU come in, we will collect the items at every market. Feel free to drop off candles and cake toppers at Seaglass (we will also collect cake mix and frosting for their pantry)  and we will be sure to get them to the Good Shepherd Center. So, until we find a place to store gifts we’d like to start small with helping the families of Good Shepherd center  to “Take the Cake.”



We look forward to seeing you at the February Market, 2/16-18!


Kelli 🙂