What’s New?!

As we take on a New Year (and we hope yours was a Happy one!) we have a few changes going on. Usually when I say “we” I mean someone at the market…but this time I mean ME!

If you follow us on Facebook, and I hope you do, I’m assuming you have already heard our news. BUT I am so excited about it, I’m going to share it anyway! Coffee Break at Seaglass has gone from being a LIVE coffee chat on FB to an actual PLACE. Brad and I (mostly Brad, but that’s not important) have transformed our space from Reuse, Recycle Restyle to Coffee Break at Seaglass, a sweet little coffee shop that I’m hoping will be the heartbeat of Seaglass. A great place to start, and maybe finish, your shopping experience at the Market. After we had already made our decision to make the switch, Geneva, with Hometown Harvest, told me a customer said to her, “You have everything here, the only thing your missing is coffee!” Sometimes it’s nice to get that confirmation to let you know you’re headed in the right direction. The space is adorable and I CANNOT wait for y’all to see it! ( I said y’all!!)

On top of my big change, we have several other changes happening in The Original Building, try to stay with me here. Pat of In the Sand, is moving in with Betty of Second on the Right. Felicia, is taking her sweet treats, and growing into Pat’s old space. Tracy and Claire with TwiceBaked Pottery are spreading out into Felicia’s space with a complete renovation! You still with me?!?! Maureen is going to be putting her metal pieces on the Art Wall in the Hallway, don’t worry, she’s staying in her regular space too! Christie Chadwick is joining Amy and together they are Leland Holistic Wellness. Chelsea and Amanda from The Hideaway Boutique in The Annex are branching out, they will have a 2nd space…nope, not more clothes! Home Decor. Home Sweet Hideaway is making it’s debut on Friday, Chelsea will be in one building and Amanda in the other! Try to keep up here, because there’s more! Deb, with Fairy Fabulous has moved into The Annex (her space is looking amazing!!) and Virginia and Jordan with Wildflower Designs is moving into Deb’s Space…they have been working hard making the space their own. On top of all of this, everyone else has fluffed and flipped and rearranged in preparation for the first market of the year!


Oh, by the way, The Annex is FULL…all three days, with a fabulous group of vendors. Some familiar faces and some brand new! We are thrilled with the continuing vendors that have decided to stay with us and love the few revolving vendors that come and go, we hope your enjoying The Annex as much as we are.

I think we have you up to date! What’s new with you?! Come hang out with us this weekend and fill us in, we can’t wait to see you and catch up!

January Market is THIS weekend. Friday 1/17, Saturday 1/18 & Sunday 1/19 and don’t forget our NEW HOURS 9:00-3:00 all three days!!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

No matter what your festival or holiday is, we want to wish you a Merry one! May your day (or days) be filled with love, laughter and happiness. If you are missing someone this holiday season, we pray you find peace and feel their presence among the presents and look back on memories and smile. We would also like to thank you for your continued support to Seaglass Salvage Market and all the wonderful people who make it the fabulous conglomeration it has grown to be.

As we prep for the last market of the year…of the decade!!…it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season. Twinkling lights, trees, and Santa faces really does bring a smile to your face. We are looking forward to spending the weekend with you and getting the chance to wish you a very Merry Christmas in person. Both warehouses will be full ( I actually overbooked The Annex WHOOPS!), outdoor vendors are scheduled (weather permitting) and there is a food truck and outdoor seating each day! Did I mention LIVE music Saturday (12:00-2:00) and a pajama party all day Sunday?!?!

We hope to see you at 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy in Leland on Friday 12/20 9:00-3:00, Saturday 12.21 9:00-5:00 and Sunday 12/22 10:00-3:00. Be sure to get your SSM 2020 Calendar with our new hours for the New Year!

Looking forward to spending 2020 with you!
Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year!

‘Tis the Season!

We sure are enjoying the added vendors in The Annex each month, the opportunity to allow them to have a roof over their head when Mother Nature decides to mess with our weather during Market weekend has been a blessing! We have a lovely group of “regulars” each month as other’s enjoy the convenience of coming and going without the struggle of putting up a tent, and then we still have our die hard outdoor vendors who line the road when weather permits. As we grow, slowly, and everyone finds where they like to spend the day, or the weekend, we are enjoying watching the market take shape.

Each month the Vendors in The Original Building never cease to amaze me as they continue to grow and challenge themselves with product and displays! I love how that old warehouse gets some new character and pizzazz and just keeps getting better and better!

As we head into the end of the year, we are excited to add our “extra” Markets to help accommodate your Holiday Shopping needs. You will find us on the first and third weekends in November and December!

November 1-3 and November 15-17, December 6-8 and then again December 20-22! Mark your calendar and join us as we end 2019 with fun, laughter and supporting local!

Next year we will be announcing new hours for the market and are hoping you will be as happy with the consistency of them as we are! As the next two months fly by we ask you to remember to SHOP SEAGLASS for all your home decor and gift needs and we thank you so much for your support each and every month!

Thank you!

Kelli 🙂

Christmas in July

If you know me, you know I can be a little “talkative.” So, why do a struggle with writing a blog?! Lord knows there is A LOT rolling around in this brain of mine. I don’t know if its needing to have the incentive to SIT DOWN, FOCUS and COMPLETE A TASK or if it’s just the need to organize the thoughts into a format that will make sense to the rest of the world (I have been known to be ALL OVER THE PLACE), but no matter what my issue is, it is time to get it done.

My first thought this morning was…IS IT SERIOUSLY JULY ALREADY? How. Did. That. Happen? We are half way through the year! Although, I am looking forward to Christmas in July at the Market this month, I love how the vendors all have gotten into it and for the first time EVER in my life, I’m kinda looking forward to getting ahead of the game and getting my Holiday Shopping done SUPER early! We’re excited to have Bill Kerr Music joining us with some live music on Saturday (July 20th) and YES, he will throw in a Christmas tune or two! Trolley Stop will be serving their delicious Hot Dogs and Coastal Ice Cream is also making an appearance on Friday July 19th, and 2 Bro’s Coastal Cuisine will be serving on Saturday! Athenian Press will be our Visiting 501c3 Organization. Kevin with Coastal Woodworking will be outside with his new Mobile Shop and Wanza and Bruce will be joining us in Kevin’s OLD space with Elbow Grease Vintiques! The Annex is slowly finding its own identity at the Market and the new vendors are helping the building take shape! We appreciate all the positive feedback about the new addition and we are excited to see where it goes!

Next month, will be 5 years that Seaglass has been open! How crazy is that?!? When I look back at the friendships and relationships formed over those 5 years, I cannot help but smile. Thank you to those who have stuck with us from the very beginning and to those who have found us along the way. If you’ve been following us lately, you may have seen a Coffee Break with Seaglass LIVE FB Video, we have been having a lot of fun with them. It’s a fun way to see us “outside” of the market and get to know us more intimately. Whether we are sitting in my lanai or visiting a vendors workshop, its a fun way to learn more about the people who make up Seaglass. My goal is to have a sit down with some of our die hard customers and check out Seaglass Finds in their new homes! Erin, Nancy, Linda, Terry, Alicia, Angela, Suzanne are just a few names who pop into my mind!

As we roll into the rest of 2019, we look forward to having our friends from Special Pedals back in September as our local 501c3 and to go back to our full weekends of Friday 9-3, Saturday 9-5 & Sunday 10-3 (there are no Sunday Hours in June, July & August). In October we will be partnering up with Going Beyond the Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November is always when we give back to the Good Shepherd Center! We ask you to remember we are always a drop off location for I Support the Girls-Southeastern NC and you can bring new or laundered used bras and wrapped feminine hygiene products each month to the Market.

On a personal note, I’d like to remind everyone that our 3rd Annual Lindsay M. Benton Foundation Volleyball and Corn Hole Tournament is scheduled for September 28th this year! We are looking for Sponsors, as well as In Kind Donors and of course, PLAYERS! Please spread the word about this fun day of remembering Lindsay and giving back to the organizations that were so important to her!

OHHHH, and I forgot to mention Live In Full Bloom, a wonderful event that SSM has become the venue for! Our third event is scheduled for October 26th. It is a 3 hour event for women to encourage and support one another through telling stories and sharing life lessons and experiences that they believe others might learn from. It is hosted by K Starr Coaching and tickets can be purchased on their website at kstarrcoaching.org/events (Early Bird tickets currently available!) Join the group page to learn more about the online community we are also building to show support and kindness to one another without judgement!

OK, I think my head is clear…for now, I do believe I covered everything! Please feel free to comment with any question you may have and we hope to see you at the July Market, by then, I should have a few more things to talk about!

Kelli 🙂

A Few Growing Pains

Have you heard?!?! Seaglass is growing!

When the building next door to the original Seaglass Warehouse become available, my mind started racing…it still is! I can see so much in my minds eye, I’m hoping it slowly becomes reality. We had a short period to pull it together in order to debut it at the April Market, and I honestly have to say, I was not disappointed! We had a great group of vendors and almost filled the building on Friday and DID fill it on Saturday. I cannot thank the group of talented people that helped us pull this off. As we work to continue to work the kinks out, we are thrilled with the prospect and look forward to what this lovely building will become. We are looking for vendors, so please contact us via email, seaglasssalvagemarket@gmail.com for more info.

We are still struggling with what to call it, I call it building 2, BUT the big 4 on the building doesn’t really do anything but cause confusion! I’m leaning towards Seaglass, for the original building, and The Annex, for the new building. We have several awesome local vendors who have already committed to being Continuing Vendors at The Annex (I do like the ring to that, even though it’s not very original) including Tin & Oak, CottonandWoodNC, Yellow Cottage Vintage and Antiques, Timeless Tinctures, Lisa’s Door Decor & More and The Hideaway Boutique. All have great products and a great following and we are so thrilled to have them.

We are also pretty excited to have Mitz’s Creations joining us starting at the May Market in the Original Building. Onsite embroidery?!? MMhmmm! That sounds like a great plan! We also L O V E the live aspect of what Hometown Harvest is being able to bring to the market as her farm is gaining momentum again moving forward from Florence…and we are thrilled to watch Spring come alive in her space each month!

The May Pop Up is scheduled for Saturday, May 4th, from 9:00-5:00 and the May Market is May 17th, 18th and 19th. Semper Fi Fund is the 501c3 for the month of May and we will also be collecting bra’s and feminine hygeine products for I Support the Girls – Southeastern NC (we collect for them year round.) We are also the venue for a fabulous event called “Live in Full Bloom” hosted by K Starr Coaching. Our goal is to help women find the confidence to live authentically through encouragement, healthy habits and the understanding of the many relationships in our lives. You can purchase tickets for the event at kstarrcoaching.org/events.

Handmade, homemade, homegrown, resale and retail…we have it all, and it can now be found in TWO buildings!! We hope to see you in May.

Thank you for all the support, feedback and kind words as we go through a few growing pains, we appreciate you!

Kelli 🙂

My “10 Minutes”

Today I hosted our WIN meeting at Seaglass and I gave my 10 Minutes about my business, I thought since today would be the day I would normally send out the reminder I would share it with all of you! I crossed out things that pertain to the group I was addressing, and you will find the dates and hours for the March Market and a reminder about the LIVE SALE towards the end!

“Welcome to Seaglass Salvage Market. We are a once a month indoor/outdoor market, open the 3rd weekend of each month. We have a pop up in May and 2 Holiday Markets, one in November and another in December, for a total of 15 markets per year. All dates are noted on the postcards you received and our website has our dates, hours, directions as well as full list of indoor vendors.

Off market, the warehouse is dark and quiet, as you can see … but during market each space comes alive with the personality of each vendor. That is what separates us from other similar business plans that you have all seen before. Here, at SSM, the vendors rent space from me and they sell their own product. We currently have 27 vendors, including myself, I am a Dixie Belle Paint retailer, but know per WIN regulations, that is not what I am here to discuss! Each vendor has a space that is “theirs.” The easiest way to explain it is we are 27 individual shops under one roof. I market Seaglass as its own business but try to be sure the average consumer understands that we work together to make Seaglass what it is, like a co-operative.

My goal is to have a wonderful mix of handmade, homemade, resale and retail. We do not have MLM businesses, but I do respect the entrepreneurs who run them and I am open to having them here. A good example is Serendipity Jewelry and Gems, she sells crystals and diffuser jewelry (among other things) and it made sense for her to sell Young Living Oils. I try to stay category exclusive, because my goal is for the vendors to make money and enjoy selling here, I don’t want the vendors to have a sense of competition, at the end of the day, I’d like them to leave as happy as the customers. Most of you know, that Amy, Felicia and Jennifer are vendors here, and that is how I became involved with WIN.

Besides the indoor vendors, we have outdoor vendors when weather permits and I also try to keep a nice mix and not have a lot of similar product. Jewelry, candles & soaps seem to be the products I get a lot of applications for…I am currently not accepting any new vendors for those products. It is difficult at times to turn vendors away (initially turning away money), but the vibe that we try to keep here is very important to me and I believe that is what keeps the customers coming back.

We try to have a different non profit here each month (free of charge) to introduce themselves and their cause to the community. I am involved with 2 non profits, Lindsay M Benton Foundation and I Support the Girls, and I use the market to assist with both of those organizations. Our customers are very generous and I believe they enjoy the opportunity to give back.

We use social media and local publications, such as North Brunswick Magazine, to get the word out about each market, and it has taken time and persistence to get people to understand the once a month concept. I have been asked many times. “Why once a month?” The initial intention was to create anticipation. To make Seaglass a monthly destination. However, as we have grown and become the group we currently are, it is a blessing for our vendors, most of who work full time and are raising families to be able to have the best of both worlds. They are able to make, to buy and to create what is their own business without having to sacrifice time away from their “real” life. As we all know, being an entrepreneur is very time consuming, but being a business owner “on the side” is even more difficult. It is very hard to be all the things. So here, they are able to meet and greet their customers, put a face to their business name and sell their own product. They have 3 weeks (on average), to recoup, refill and re-create. They market themselves, each other and Seaglass as a whole, as do I. We share thoughts and knowledge with each other because there is no competition. There are 27 people selling in this building at any given market, only 4 of those businesses are owned or co owned by men. The fact that we, as predominately women owned businesses, support and inspire each other is probably my biggest accomplishment as a business owner. It makes me proud to be part of such an amazing group.

We mindfully build our community by lifting each other up in support. Our vibe attracts our tribe, and we create a sum that is greater than its parts.” – Seaglass Salvage Market

I believe that motto is what creates the feeling our customer gets when they walk in the doors. Some people don’t get and thats fine, they’re not our customer. It has taken me a long time to be ok with the fact that we are not for everyone. My goal this year is to find MY PEOPLE, our people, and market directly to THEM. Seaglass is a special place, a diamond in the rough and you either get it or you don’t.

We are not a flea market, our prices are fair, NOT CHEAP. We have all price points and all styles. Our goal is to fill up, sell out, and start over, this is how we keep it different and fresh each month.

This month we are trying a new avenue, with our first FB LIVE Online Sale. There has been a lot of excitement about it and we are thrilled to experiment with this new aspect for the market.
If you don’t follow us on FB, please do, you will find a link for the ONLINE GROUP, that is where the FB LIVE Sale will be taking place.

I appreciate you being here today and hope to see you shopping next weekend March 15-17th our business hours during Market Weekend are Friday 9-3, Saturday 9-5 & Sunday 10-3. Keep your calendars handy, but remember everything you need to know about SSM can be found on our website www.seaglasssalvagemarket.com and our FB Page profile picture is always the dates for our next market! The online sale is March 18th, the Monday following the market! So you will have the opportunity to shop in person the 15th through the 17th and online on the 18th! I hope to see you at both events!”

Painting Furniture

When I first started painting furniture, my husband was not thrilled. He loves wood. He loves looking at pieces and telling me which wood they are. He loves when a beautiful grain shows through a really good stain. For me to slap paint on these lovely pieces, made his stomach hurt. When we started this journey, although, I too, loved finding beautiful unique pieces, I did so thinking, “that would look beautiful painted.” You could see where their might be conflict.

Fast forward several years later, what he thought was a fad has become the norm. People love breathing new life into an old piece of furniture. When a dark buffet that belonged to your grandmother can be changed to make it your own and to match your light airy decor, it’s a win/win. You have the memories, that piece of family history AND it looks beautiful in your space!

Most of you know I sell Dixie Belle Paint, a wonderful mineral chalk paint distributed out of Florida. I enjoy working with it, and teaching about how simple it is to transform any piece. If you follow my FB page, “Reuse, Recycle, Restyle.” the upcoming classes are listed as events. I also love working one on one to help you pick a color and get comfortable with the many products available. Although Seaglass is once a month, Dixie Belle is available all month long by appointment.

I try to have several different looks created using DBP products at each market and I love your feedback and your questions! I thought our followers, most of who who are creatives, might be interested in my responses to our five most commonly asked questions.

1. Why (Mineral) Chalk Paint?

It is made specifically with the intention of transforming furniture! It’s purpose is to adhere to whatever you’re painting. I personally love how far it goes, how quickly it dries and how forgiving it is. There are many brands out there, I choose to use Dixie Belle. I like the feel of it going on, I love their colors, as well as their sealing options and I really love their price point.

2. What is my favorite color?

Impossible to answer! Lol However, I will say, Fluff, Sea Glass, Driftwood and Stormy Seas are my four biggest sellers and I use them often!

3. Do you have to wax after you paint?

No, you can, if you choose to, but, Dixie Belle has fabulous Top Coats too! I have found there are two types of people…those who wax and those who HATE wax! DB Wax is very easy to use and it is much creamier than waxes you’ve used in the past, so I do tell people not to rule it out!

4. What products does DBP have to “kick it up a notch?”

The paints are fabulous on their own, but Dixie Mud, Dixie Dirt, Crackle, Sea Spray and the Patina Line will help you bring your items to the next level.

5. Is it true there is NO prepping or priming?

Yes, and no. There are always exceptions to the rules and no matter what brand you choose, I always recommend you clean the item, REALLY WELL, and that could be considered prepping. Also, there are times when BOSS or Slick Stick should be used. A few minutes in the beginning of your project could save you hours of troubleshooting at the end! We would gladly show you when some prepping is suggested!

If you have any questions, just let me know!

We look forward to seeing at the March market. 3/15-17!

Kelli 🙂

…and here we go!

2019 is here and so is the first Market! New year, same market? NOPE! We change monthly, sometimes the change is teeny tiny other months it can’t be missed. This month, this year, it’s right in between. We’re excited to have Katie Samsel join Lisa in Vintage Finds and Design with her Art and Frames. Geneva will be joining us as an indoor guest vendor with Hometown Harvest and we are hoping she stays! Our outdoor guest vendor is Girl Scout Troop #648, a lovely bunch of Leland Girls, with GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (you’re welcome!) 

We had 5 whole weeks in between markets so we’ve had some sprucing up done to some of the spaces, mine included. Brad will have several of his lights on sale this market, so be sure to take a peek at his industrial lighting, as he may be taking a break from them until the spring, and we will have several of his books, “A Father’s Grief, A Year of Healing,” available for purchase (when is is up at the warehouse, he will gladly sign them for you!) After a lot of serious thought, he has decided to shift his blog from a consistent weekly posting, to posting when he has something on his heart he needs to share. Although the blog was a wonderful outlet for him, the pressure he put on himself to post regularly added some stress on him. One thing we have learned through the grief process is to listen to your heart and your body and don’t shy away from self care. Grief alone adds a lot of anxiety to your life and something needed to give. The Book, items for the Lindsay M. Benton Foundation and information on Organ Donation will always be available at the market, that will not change. We are already working on a Donate Life Tent for Donate Life Month in April!

I am looking forward to the three classes we have scheduled for Dixie Belle Paint. Be sure to stop by my space and see if the dates work for you, we’d love to have you join us. If you’d like to be on the mailing list to get an update of classes available monthly, just click right here and enter your email address. We are also in discussion with several vendors who also may be interested in having workshops at the market during off market weeks, I am excited to see what they come up with! If YOU are an artist or artisan and you’d like to share your knowledge let me know, we’d love to have you teach workshops and classes for our Seaglass Community! Be sure to ask me for details about renting space.

We hope to see you THIS weekend January 18th through 20th…Friday 9:00-3:00, Saturday 9:00-5:00 & our NEW SUNDAY HOURS 10:00-3:00!

1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy (74/76) Leland, NC 910-239-7709

We look forward to seeing you! Be sure to get a new post card with a full 2019 Calendar when you visit us this weekend!

Kelli 🙂

Happy Holidays

Hard to believe 2018 is coming to a close. December always comes and goes so quickly because it is a month jam packed with so many things to do. Traveling, prepping, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking…the list goes on. I’m excited to start the month off with a Pop Up Market, I was so glad to see the first Saturday of December landed on the 1st of the month. What a perfect way to start this busy time. I love SSM and all that comes with it. The set up, the marketing, the wonderful crowd of friendly faces who pop in, not only shop, but to catch up and say hello. I enjoy the group I work with and all the people who walk through that big roll up door who are as excited as I am to be there. We are very grateful for our amazing customers who over the years have become friends. It’s hard not to get melancholy around this time of year. I look around and realize how blessed I am to love what I do and to love who I do it with. Thank you for allowing us to continue to make a crazy dream a reality.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. There are many people in our area who are still displaced from Florence, hard to be thankful when you’re stuck in a situation that you have no control over. I am humbled when I speak to friends who are able to find the good in everything and make the best of the hardship they have found themselves stuck in. We had a nice day this year, friendly faces, lots of laughter and delicious food. When all our guests left, Brad and I sat outside in front of a fire and a full moon. Perfect ending to a lovely day. He said, not necessarily to me, just out loud, “It’s never going to get easier.” All day Lindsay was heavy on my mind, I know she was an everyone’s mind. She always will be. Missing her will always be the “elephant in the room.” The missing link. Brad has always said the Holidays aren’t always necessarily the hardest day because you know they are coming, you can plan and prepare yourself for the inevitable sadness. It’s the random days and uneventful days that sneak up on you. Counting how many people will be eating over and not saying her name, making a Christmas list and not writing her name. Seeing a sweet necklace or a cute outfit or a funky pair of boots and knowing she would have loved them, and then not buying them for her. No, it’s never going to get easier. I ask you to remember that when visiting this year. If you know someone who has lost a piece of their heart, remember to mention them. Hearing their name, hearing a story and laughing about a memory may be the greatest gift they receive. Life isn’t always easy, but it is easy to take time out of your day to just be kind, to think before you speak and to let someone know you care. If you are curious about the Lindsay M. Benton Foundation or would like to donate for #givingtuesday or if you’re looking to make a charitable donation before the end of the year, please take a peek at our website to learn more about what we do and why we do it. We appreciate all the love and support y’all have given us throughout the year (yep, I said y’all!)

Our regular Market is the third weekend, as it should be, and I know it’s going to be loaded to the rafters with fabulous finds! 2019 will have a small change in our Sunday hours, so keep an eye out for the announcement before the January Market. We’re not sharing the change yet as we don’t want to cause confusion!

Speaking of confusion, our dates, hours and directions can always be found on our website, so no need to stress over the question,

“Is it Seaglass weekend?”

The answer is always available at http://www.seaglasssalvagemarket.com.

We hope this holiday season is wonderful for everyone, and we thank you for letting Seaglass Salvage Market be part of it!

•Pop Up December 1st 10:00-4:00

•Regular Market Fri 12/14 9:00-3:00, Saturday 12/15 9:00-5:00 & Sunday 12/16 12:00-5:00.

We look forward to seeing you!

Kelli 🙂

Heard (HERd)

I have a cold, nothing horrible, just a cold. I’m a big baby. Haven’t gotten out of my PJ’s sipped on tea with honey, covered myself in my doTERRA Oils, and had chicken soup for lunch. As I sit/lay/lounge here watching HGTV I can’t think about how lucky I am. I remember back in the day dragging myself out of bed with a fever because taking “a day off” was just not an option. Working full time and being a single mom of three was not easy. I can look back on days like today and see how far I’ve come. So I wanted to say to all the mom’s out there struggling to make it out of the house in the morning, through your work day, to all the pick ups and drop offs that become the norm when your kids have places to go and practices and games and classes and play dates…it gets easier, and guess what? You’re gonna miss the chaos, the yelling and even the fighting.

Being in my 50’s has made me realize a lot of things. I have mellowed and finally realized what’s important and what’s not. I don’t run towards drama, certainly not other people’s, like I used to. I understand just like I want people to respect me, I must respect them. I will gladly help someone when they need it, but only when they are willing to help themselves. I am proud of who I am and who I come from, but not embarrassed to say, as soon as I knew better I did better. I was not the best mom, but always did the best I could. I have watched my children make mistakes, and am very proud of them when the figure it out and move forward. Life is not easy, but as the years go on you learn…I learn something new every day. Sometimes it is a lesson I do not wish to know, yet, it is still a lesson learned.

Owning a small business has taught me a lot, you cannot be faint of heart if you are “putting yourself out there,” and that is what we do everyday. Branding yourself and your business is not an easy feat. I am learning more about it as I go, as are all the vendors up at Seaglass. I’ve been thinking about starting a FB group not necessarily for business owners per se, but more for women of a “certain age.” I’m at the age where I worry about acne and wrinkles, hormones, my adult kids, running a business and a house. I’m concerned about my mom, my husband and my stepson. I miss my stepdaughter. Life is easier, but not at all, if that makes sense. I wonder if I’m the only one who has a TON of stuff floating around in my head. I wonder when I read a book or article or find a product that “works” if someone else out there needs that same info. When I feel like a failure I could use words of encouragement…I know I’m not the only one. I’d like to start a group for women to support each other, to build each other up and to remind us, we are not alone. A place to go and ask a question and not be judged, shamed or guilted. So I’m curious, who wants to be part of my online girl gang?!? (Men are invited too, however, you will have to put up with “female” stuff, like the fact that I am 51, get hot flashes, but am still blessed with a monthly visitor – I feel I might complain about that A LOT. At least once a month. LOL)

HERd is be a group where you can vent, ask a question or suggest a product. It will be about helping, learning and supporting each other. It will be a place to be heard. It’s in the process and should be open to join today or tomorrow. So if you are a business owner (not a requirment), in your 30’s or older, trying to figure out the next phase of your life, and trying understand your body I’d love for you to pop in and see if it’s something that might be helpful for you!