Can you hang?

Two commonly asked questions in the interior world is in regards to artwork and drapes….hope these help!


Focal point-Hang so the center point of the work is eye level for the average person.

Wall size-Don’t forget wall size in relation to your pieces.Small pictures in hallways and larger ones for big wall space. On the larger walls you might want to do a grouping of pictures or just hang two vertically side by side.


Furniture size– If you are placing art on a large wall, but are also placing a table on that wall, the art should not be longer in width than the furniture in front of it.


Height- To create illusion of added height, hang the rod above the window frame.

window pot

Want a clean, casual look….let the drapes just touch the floor.

Want a dramatic look…let the drapes pool onto the floor.

The right window treatment can enhance window size, shape and the way it filters light!


Happy decorating and remember that our next market is a “pop up sale”…December 4th from 2pm until 7pm.


The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market


You’ve got what?

November market is upon us!  Doors open Friday morning at 9am sharp! What do we have? Hand painted dining table, buffet, bed, dressers, original clock art, jewelry, chocolate covered pears/strawberries, vintage hats, scarves, sofa, Christmas trees, ornaments, soy candles, stockings, coffee/tea….and the list goes on!!!

Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday noon-5pm

photo (54)photo (50)photo (51) photo (56) photo (52)photo (53) photo (49)

See you tomorrow…..

Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

Alice in Wonderland?

It seems like right after Halloween is over, the rush is on. Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas shopping, school functions, decorating the house and wrapping presents. The days grow shorter and the list grows longer! Some days you may feel like the rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland”…I’m late, I’m late for a very important time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!!

There are so many fun things to do in November and December, but to make sure you stay healthy and sane, and roll into 2015 with energy, let me encourage you to map it out and make a plan.

Keep it simple…plan your day, make your list(then subtract two that aren’t that important) and stick to it.  Perfect example..this weekend is our Seaglass Salvage November market. There are also about 5 other great things in town this weekend too.  But “yes” you can do them all.  Just map it out, make the rounds and enjoy! We look forward to seeing you! (pictures tomorrow)

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

What’s in a name?

People are sometimes confused with the word, salvage, that is in our name….here is a little information that you might enjoy…..

Salvage  {SAL-vij}     Of French Origin

As a Noun

The act of saving a ship or it’s cargo from perils of the sea.

The property so saved.

Compensation given to those who voluntarily save a ship or its cargo.

The act of saving anything from fire, damage or danger.

The property saved from danger

The value or proceeds upon sale of goods recovered from fire.

As a Verb

To save from shipwreck, fire, etc..

Quote with the word Salvage

“There is no end to the work of salvage in the drowning high seas of Christmas when loneliness in…..”   -May Sarton (poet)

Salvage as a value in word games

Words with friends..14


Trendy words associated with salvage….upscale, refurbish, recycle, upcycle, re-purposed

With all of that being said…At Seaglass Salvage Market, we have wood, doors and other salvageable materials.(noun) We also take items that are damaged or forgotten and give them an upcycled, refurbished and re-purposed look.(verb)

We actually just have a great time making things beautiful!  🙂

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

Got Style? Part 3

Our last mini class will be on Coastal Styles.  If your taste is breezy and relaxed, you love natural fibers on upholstery as well as your floor coverings then…there is a good chance you are drawn to the Coast.  There are three main styles that fall under the Coastal heading….California, Gulf Coast and Atlantic Seaboard.

California Coastal…An eclectic blend of old world using some dark and some light finishes. Relaxed sophistication.


Gulf Coast…wicker and rattan. Vibrant colors such as greens, blues, yellows and oranges. Tropical influences; think modern flare with a touch of Art Deco.


Atlantic Seaboard…Nautical themes.  Use of shutters and louvers. Palettes of white, black, red, navy blue and yellow.


We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about furniture styles. If you already had a style, it reinforced what you knew and if you didn’t have one, maybe you do now.  Of course we haven’t finished….we still have Eclectic, Oriental, Americana and Country to go. Stay tuned for a later date!

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

(credit Furniture First)

Got Style? Part 2

Yesterday we touched on Contemporary Styles and today we are going to discuss Traditional Styles.  Traditional is symmetrical and formal. Most woods are dark, like cherry and mahogany. It does however mix well with lighter tones of wood and works well with textiles such as chintz, damask and brocade. A touch of leather in rich brown can add instant classic charm.

Which styles fall under Traditional?

Old World Estate…carved details such as leaves, flowers, and fruit. Also claw and ball feet.

old world

American Heritage….Some painted finishes. Spindles, finials and classical motifs.

american heritage

Expeditionary….Cleaner lines, fewer details. Touches of tropics like wicker, bamboo, cane and leather insets.


Tuscan Villa….lighter finishes. Textures include terra cotta, stone and metal.

tuscan villa

Hope you’re moving closer to the head of the class.  And if nothing else, it makes for great cocktail party conversation.  See you again tomorrow for Coastal Styles.

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

(credit Furniture First)

Got style?

Bet you know your style, but might not know the name….a quick little lesson over the next few days and you can sail to the head of the class!

Under Contemporary, we will talk about a few styles.  Urban, Retro, Art Deco and Mid Century Modern.  It encompasses a lot, from stark to glitz.

Urban….lines with little to no ornamentation.


Retro…1950 and 60’s.


Art deco…streamlined, glass ,mirror and chrome.

art deco1

Mid Century Modern…form follows function.  Low to the ground, little to no ornamentation and organic shapes.

mid century

Tomorrow we will take a look at Traditional and then Coastal.

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

(credit to furniture first)

Disposable world..

We have become such a disposable city, state, nation and world.  We throw away everything from water bottles to cell phones and don’t think twice about it.  Our landfills are becoming cities of their own.  Solution? Think twice before you pitch it.

A creative mind is a great thing.  If you have an old shutter that still has a little life, use it as a recipe holder or mail holder.  That old dresser might just need a coat of paint, or as my Grandmother always said, “my sofa has good bones, I will just reupholster”.

I will call today, “think twice Thursday”, so think about it and see if anything around the house can be revived, reinvented or repurposed before you haul it to the curb!

(photos courtesy pinterest)

The girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

signs suitecase

Full circle

A little story for your Thursday morning……Frank knew that drinking was not only killing him, but also his family.  So at that moment, he dropped everything and checked himself into Hebron Colony in  Boone, NC.  After completing the program he came out a sober man and never drank again….that was 1970.

Fast forward to 2014….one of our business partners and her husband were celebrating their 2nd anniversary in Boone a few weeks ago.  They ran across some great old coffee bags and purchased all they could find.  Now the hunt was on for fabulous chairs to upscale with their new find! While on their hunt they ran across a great thrift store and to their amazement, was a charity for none other than Hebron Colony. Why so excited and why do I keep mentioning Hebron?  Frank, you see,  (who you met in the paragraph above) was her husbands Grandfather.

The thrift store was a jewel and they immediately found a couple of chairs they had to load up.  They were a little more than they wanted to spend but if the money went to help others, like it did Frank, no problem.  While waiting to pay, a man came in the store that had been drinking. He said he had no money, but needed a coat.  He was told he could choose a coat at no cost.  He picked a very expensive long tweed coat. If sold the charity could get a lot of money for it, but when the homeless man said he could also sleep in it and his legs would stay was his. The store owner wished him well and told him that Hebron was always there if he needed them.

Stumbling upon the thrift shop and being able to give back(in the way of a purchase) to a place that gave his Grandfather another chance at life, was a blessing.

Just wanted to share , so if you come by Seaglass Salvage Market this Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will know the story behind these beautiful upscaled chairs! What happened to the extra coffee bags you ask….we have those too!!


The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

We’re growing!

This past weekend two of the partners left me holding the fort, as they set out to find new and exciting things for the October Market.  In four days they covered portions of three states! Truly amazing what you can find when you’re on a mission. Vintage sofas, dressers, desks, old ladders, tables…and that was just what I could see as they pulled in and before the tailgate was even opened. (Very quickly two old sitcoms came to mind…The Beverly Hillbillies and Sanford and Son.)

Our goal was to grow each month and yes, we are growing. Growing with great quality items that we are finding and growing with fantastic new vendors.  So for right now the doors are padlocked but will reopen at 9am on October 17, 18 and 19! Mark your calendars, because its going to be a “not to miss October market!”


The girls at Seaglass Market