Being Green Is More Than Recycling Your Plastic…

re·pur·pose (rē-pûr′pəs)·purupcycling·posed, re·pur·pos·ing, re·pur·pos·es

To use or convert for use in another format or product.
Upcycle, recycle, repurpose, restyle, reclaim…
it doesn’t really matter how you word it and “it” most certainly is not a fad. Upcycling and repurposing are here to stay, it is what the SALVAGE stands for in our business name. (Salvage: something extracted (as from rubbish) as valuable or useful.)
At Seaglass Salvage Market we have furniture for you that needs saving and others that have already been saved. We have doors, shutters and windows that were once part of a home that no longer exists that need to be rescued and turned into a coffee table or a book shelf. You’ve seen the transformations on Facebook and Pinterest, and you can see them in person at Seaglass. Although, not every item is “aged” or vintage, we do have new items such as jewelry, original art and handmade furniture.
Simply Tovi, Trixie’s Delights, N. Marie Designs, Soul Pickets, Vintage Finds and Design, Coastal Farmhouse, Refindment, Second on the Right, In the Sand, Robin’s Nest, She ReShells, Gravel Road Desings, Kinzie Krafts and Seaglass all upcycle and recycle in their own way.  Making Scents gives a discount when you return empty candle glasses to be refilled and  I Know the Bee Keeper truly is a Bee Keeper! We take great pride in recovering the discarded, reusing items in a way that may be outside the box and using nature to create our products. So, it is safe to say, if you shop at Seaglass, you are helping save the Earth!
If you have bought something at Seaglass and have repurposed it into something new, we would LOVE to see it! Please share your photos on our Facebook Page. If you have a project in mind, come see us this coming market, September 19 – 20 at 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy., in Leland, NC. We look forward to hearing you plans, helping you find the items needed and then seeing the finished product!
We repurpose, what’s your superpower?!?!
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My name is Kelli, I live in Leland, NC and I own Seaglass Salvage Market, a once a month indoor/outdoor Meet the Maker Market. On the third weekend of each month you will find artists, artisans and entrepreneurs selling handmade, homemade, resale and retail items out of our two warehouses. We also have food trucks each day of Market, as well as outdoor vendors and outdoor seating (weather permitting). We are open, rain or shine, the **3rd Weekend** of every month! Friday, Saturday and Sun 9:00-3:00 and can be found at 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy in Leland, NC. Once a month, every month, all year round!

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