8 Simple Steps to Prepare for SPRING!

My mom and I were telling Brad how my grandmother used to iron EVERYTHING. T shirts, boxers, even sheets. I remember changing all the curtains in the house for each season. Soaking the venetian blinds in the tub. Scrubbing the baseboards. Spring cleaning was a thing. Is it today? Thank goodness for Swifter, Roomba, Clorox wipes and Mr. Clean things aren’t as difficult as they once used to be. I “iron” by shaking my clothes immediately out of the very hot dryer (not ALL the time, but most of the time!) I wonder if my grandma would think I was smart or lazy?!?!

I have an Aunt who decorates for pretty much EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY, my idea of decorating is a new wreath on the door and even that has gotten less over the years. I pretty much go by season, not even holiday anymore. Inside, I will say, I change the tablecloth and lighten the decor when spring rolls around. I try to add flowers to the house whenever possible. I feel, since living down South, it has gotten easier, especially this year as there wasn’t really a winter, so other than Christmas there was no Winter Decor in my house. Do you go all out for the Holidays or for the Seasons when it comes to Home Decor?!

I tend to decorate with color. Originally, when we decorated our house the accent color was red (odd choice for me, as I am not a red girl) after some time, I grew bored with the red and I pulled it out and added grays and whites, Brad blamed Joanne Gaines for that. So simple. All the big things are neutral (furniture & wall color for example) so when I’m ready for a change it’s so easy to pull and change the accent pieces. We’ve been in our home for 8 years, the bathrooms are ready for a change. I dread it and keep putting it off, but it’s time. I have put it off, because, well … wallpaper, ugh, what were we thinking?! Spring project? Who knows?

Does Spring Cleaning only pertain to your home? Once January rolls around I start thinking about what I can change within me…spiritually and mentally. Sometimes I think about making changes physically but that never lasts very long, LOL. Then, as the weather warms up, and I know spring isn’t far away I think about really growing or moving forward either personally or professionally. Being Catholic, the Lenten Season always brings some reflection as well. It’s funny how Spring always stirs the feeling of change in me, I often wonder if I’m the only one? Winter has the opposite affect on me, I think I have a touch of SAD, so it would make sense that I come alive with the end of winter and daylight savings time. The flowers and trees bloom, the days are longer, the weather is warmer. Life is happy again…until SUMMER. I am not a fan of extreme heat, but I’d rather be hot in the summer than shovel in the winter! LOL.

I have the same quick 8 steps that I follow each year, to prepare for the blossoming of a new Spring Season:

  • Declutter – get rid of all the random stuff that ends up taking over your home when the colder weather is around!
  • Trade out warm (darker colored) throws for lightweight (brighter colored) throws.
  • Plants! Work in some greens (real and faux).
  • Placement of a few bright, oversized florals. (Feeling crazy? Make citrus inspired centerpieces!)
  • Change up pillows.
  • Change up table runners, table cloths and place mats.
  • Change up your bedroom linens (Lighter, brighter!)
  • Change your candle scents.

What are your simple tricks to change your decor from one season to the next? Do you have any big plans for changing something in your home or yourself this year?

Some old-fashioned things, like fresh air and sunshine, are hard to beat.

-Laura Ingalls Wilder


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