What's New?!

As we take on a New Year (and we hope yours was a Happy one!) we have a few changes going on. Usually when I say “we” I mean someone at the market…but this time I mean ME!

If you follow us on Facebook, and I hope you do, I’m assuming you have already heard our news. BUT I am so excited about it, I’m going to share it anyway! Coffee Break at Seaglass has gone from being a LIVE coffee chat on FB to an actual PLACE. Brad and I (mostly Brad, but that’s not important) have transformed our space from Reuse, Recycle Restyle to Coffee Break at Seaglass, a sweet little coffee shop that I’m hoping will be the heartbeat of Seaglass. A great place to start, and maybe finish, your shopping experience at the Market. After we had already made our decision to make the switch, Geneva, with Hometown Harvest, told me a customer said to her, “You have everything here, the only thing your missing is coffee!” Sometimes it’s nice to get that confirmation to let you know you’re headed in the right direction. The space is adorable and I CANNOT wait for y’all to see it! ( I said y’all!!)

On top of my big change, we have several other changes happening in The Original Building, try to stay with me here. Pat of In the Sand, is moving in with Betty of Second on the Right. Felicia, is taking her sweet treats, and growing into Pat’s old space. Tracy and Claire with TwiceBaked Pottery are spreading out into Felicia’s space with a complete renovation! You still with me?!?! Maureen is going to be putting her metal pieces on the Art Wall in the Hallway, don’t worry, she’s staying in her regular space too! Christie Chadwick is joining Amy and together they are Leland Holistic Wellness. Chelsea and Amanda from The Hideaway Boutique in The Annex are branching out, they will have a 2nd space…nope, not more clothes! Home Decor. Home Sweet Hideaway is making it’s debut on Friday, Chelsea will be in one building and Amanda in the other! Try to keep up here, because there’s more! Deb, with Fairy Fabulous has moved into The Annex (her space is looking amazing!!) and Virginia and Jordan with Wildflower Designs is moving into Deb’s Space…they have been working hard making the space their own. On top of all of this, everyone else has fluffed and flipped and rearranged in preparation for the first market of the year!


Oh, by the way, The Annex is FULL…all three days, with a fabulous group of vendors. Some familiar faces and some brand new! We are thrilled with the continuing vendors that have decided to stay with us and love the few revolving vendors that come and go, we hope your enjoying The Annex as much as we are.

I think we have you up to date! What’s new with you?! Come hang out with us this weekend and fill us in, we can’t wait to see you and catch up!

January Market is THIS weekend. Friday 1/17, Saturday 1/18 & Sunday 1/19 and don’t forget our NEW HOURS 9:00-3:00 all three days!!

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