Love What You Do

I love watching things fall together. I love when a customer walks in on a mission to find a perfect piece for a specific spot in their home and how their face lights up when they find it. I love seeing a young girl fall in love with her first piece of art, and when an older woman finds a piece of jewelry that speaks to her and reminds her of yesteryear. I love a man who smiles because he just found something that reminds him of his dad. I love watching someone get lost in their thoughts when they see an old piece of something and they know it can become something else. I love watching strangers become friends, and I love watching people of so many different walks of life find out how many things they have in common.

Seaglass Salvage Market is not just a place but a state of mind. You don’t just shop, you wander, examine, imagine, absorb, reflect and reminiscence…it truly is an experience. You meet and greet and learn about the art, the furniture and the items you’re purchasing.

The coffee is free, lunch is always delicious, and there is always something fun going on.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job ā¤

Don’t be jealous, just come hang out with us…see you Aug 18th 9-3 and Aug 19th 9-5, yes, we’re worth the trip…if you don’t believe me, just ask around šŸ˜‰