A Few Random Questions

Every now and then I will ask a few questions of our indoor vendors, sometimes they answer, sometimes they don’t. Here is a few I threw out at the beginning of the week, along with a few answers…I chime in every know and then too 🙂

Q: What is your favorite season to decorate your home?

Answers: Pat: Halloween. Deb: Fall. Susan (Trixie): Summer, but I love Christmas! Kelli: Fall

Q. Currently, what is your favorite piece in your space?

Answers: Pat: Hall Tree. Deb: Painted Compass.  Marie: 7′ Wave Window.

Q. What is the farthest you have traveled for a piece of furniture or something you “had to have?

Answers: Pat: not far! Marie: Raleigh. Jane: Cincinnati, Ohio! Deb: 90 miles.

Q. If you paint furniture, what is your favorite Product Line? Wax or Varnish?

Answers: Pat: Waverly Chalk Paint, Varnish. Rachel: Annie Sloan, Wax. Susan (Trixie): Annie Sloan, sometimes wax sometimes varnish. Jane: Always General Finishes Milk Paint, and their Polyacrylic Sealer. Marie: Farm House Paint (Aqua Provence), General Finishes Satin Hardcoat. Deb: I make my own chalk paint & Salt Wash.

Q. Beach or Mountains?

Answers: Pat: Beach. Marie: Beach, for sure! Rachel: Mountains. Susan (Trixie): Love the Beach, but I  need a peek at the NC Mountains or the Rockies in Denver. Kelli: love the beach, but in the cooler months, and I enjoy trips to the mountains as well…its a tie for me!

Q.What do you consider your “style” to be?

Answers: Pat: Aniquey/Beachy…if it doesn’t have legs, it will! Marie: Simple, Elegant, Coastal (not lime green beachy!) Rachel: Creative! Deb: Eclectic/Rustic/Bohemian! Jane: Contemporary (I love saving and upcycling older pieces, but my personal favorites are sleek, contemporary items.) Kelli: Simple Beach Shabby.

Although only a few played along, I did find out why there is so much variety in Seaglass…different products, different styles, different likes! Come see all the new goodies our vendors have worked so hard to bring you this market! We really hope to see you tomorrow and/or Saturday!

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Kelli 🙂