Repurpose by Pat Breeden

Our Second Guest Blogger is Pat Breeden with In The Sand. Creations by Pat. 


The Power Thesaurus gives us many synonyms for this word: reprocess, remodel, recycle, reuse, regenerate, rethink, replay, reassign, and relocate.  

The dictionary defines repurpose as “to reuse something for a different purpose from the one that was originally intended.” I like to think of it simply as giving new life to a piece of furniture.

I had no idea 3 years ago that I would be recycling, aka. repurposing furniture or certainly that I would be a vendor in an awesome venue like Seaglass Salvage Market. Fishing is my passion but when the cold months got here I needed an alternative so I began making jewelry. That’s how I got to Seaglass in November 2014 as an outside vendor on the coldest weekend known to modern man in Leland, NC. I loved it there but told the owners that I’d see them in the spring.

Over the winter months, I began picking up furniture that needed love and learning foreign terms like chalk paint, antiquing wax, Purdy brushes, polyacrylic, and finding that I needed a saw …. a power tool … HOTDOG!! I scoured Pinterest for ideas and copied others ideas. I messed up a lot of wood and fingers. I also learned that small intricate crafty projects were not for me and superglue will glue your fingers to your shirt and anything else it comes in contact with.  

I realized over time that not only was I repurposing furniture items but I was repurposing myself. I couldn’t wait to get home from my day job to work on furniture. I was becoming a pretty decent carpenter. I was now the proud owner of 6 different kinds of saws, several sanders, an oscillating tool, and I knew how to use them all. I gave new life to the old tossed out furniture and it gave new life to me.

I didn’t need Pinterest as much as in the beginning. Now when I see an old TV stand sitting there I already see an island. When I see an old pantry door I see a shadowbox coffee table. Not only can I see it but I can build it.  

So I showed back up at Seaglass that next spring and graduated to an indoor vendor. I found my “tribe” … those special creative friends who cry with and for each other; laugh with and even at each other; applaud our successes and pick each other up in our tough moments. We even sing and dance together sometimes as any good tribe would do!!!

As a new me evolves through this avocation of repurposing, I am constantly inspired to see the beauty in furniture and people that could be easily missed if the deeper beauty was obscured by an unfinished exterior.

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