Stages of Life

I looked around today, to see what I could do “around” the house. There wasn’t really anything…I mean there is always something, but the house looked pretty good overall. Funny, 20 years ago there was something to do every minute of every day, actually there wasn’t enough hours in the day. Then I realized…no more children in the house.

It’s funny how when you hit a certain age, your home becomes “yours” again. What’s also funny, is you never realized for so many years, it wasn’t. Those precious children we take home from the hospital sure do need a lot of accessories (at least we convince ourselves that they do.) Slowly but surely our living room has overflowing toy boxes, and our televisions are hooked up to more wires than we know what to do with. We don’t use expensive tablecloths anymore and we don’t mind sheets on the couches, oh and look, there’s another stain on the carpet.

Then one day it’s all gone. No more high chairs, no more toys, no more video games. You’re able to put some pretty glass items back up on the bookshelves, you can have house plants without fear of them being knocked over…and that is just the beginning! You can buy that Ethan Allen piece you always loved without the fear of a crayon missing the coloring book. You can buy light colored furniture without dreading a lacrosse stick or a soccer ball getting tossed on it after practice. Oh and you can have NICE TOWELS! The list goes on!!

So many people that come to Seaglass are at this point in their lives. So many are ready to make the house reflect their new found freedom. Yes we miss those sweet babies, yes we miss the chaos that accompanies {insert appropriate sport season here} and yes, we even miss the dreaded yearly science project, but it’s the one great thing about being an empty nester…changing up the nest! Unclutter, buy the pieces you love and decorate your home they way you used to dream about on the few occasions you got to look at a Home & Garden Magazine. I know the perfect place for you to start 🙂 See you May 20-22 at 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy (74/76) in Leland, NC.