Organizing for the New Year

Every year my top resolutions are lose weight and get organized. If you know me, you will not want any dieting tips from me…so lets go straight to organization!

The best places to start your New Years resolution is the dreaded kitchen junk drawer (unfortunetly, I have 2 of those), your pantry, your linen closet, your medicine chest, and under your kitchen sink (bathroom sinks too!)…just to name a few cluttered spaces in most homes.

  • If you DON’T USE IT, get rid of it. Donate whatever possible, this way you feel good about yourself while you’re de-cluttering!
  • Check expiration dates and dispose of items properly.
  • If you tried a NEW product and it didn’t work or you don’t like it and won’t use it again-get rid of it. (Again, please dispose of items correctly.)
  • I, personally, have a new found issue to a marvelous new invention thanks to modern technology…disposal of checks! With the new “mobile deposit” craze I find myself stressing over the proper disposal of the checks I deposit, so I highly recommend a shredder. A shredder helps dispose of account numbers and personal info more efficiently.

Dry Erase boards, cork boards, chalk boards, calendars, organizers, folders and containers are all great ways to make sure everything has a “place,” desks, bookcases, carts and shelving are also great ways to keep everything where it should be.

Make up your mind to get ‘er done! Once you decide to do it, DO IT! Don’t put it off…pick one project at a time, start it and complete it. Be realistic about what you NEED and what you DON’T. (A really easy rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it or looked for it in a YEAR, you do not need it!)

I have started my yearly organizing this week. I bought a new business organizer and I shredded all the checks that were already deposited via my phone! I’m going to enjoy a little snack and start on that 2nd kitchen drawer. What?!?! a healthy snack…I swear! Don’t judge me.

Happy New (Organized) Year!

Kelli 🙂


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