I Want It All…

Enjoying my bacon and eggs this morning at Jimbo’s when my friend asked me from across the table, “What do you want Seaglass to BE?” Now THAT is a loaded question!

Do I want Seaglass to be a “destination” where people cannot wait to be or do I want it to be a upscale Flea Market? Do I want Seaglass to be a place where local people pop in to see whats new or do I want it to be the place local designers come for upscale, unique furniture and home decor items for their clients? Do I want Seaglass to be a place filled with upcycled, repurposed items or do I want it to have beautiful retail pieces? Do I want  a piece that goes from our floor to the perfect spot in your home or do I want a piece that needs some TLC so you can make it your own? The simple answer is “YES!” Yes to all the above. I want it to be all these things and more.

We have an eclectic group of people, from different walks of life sharing the warehouse and we each bring something different to the market every month and it isn’t surprising that we also have an eclectic group of customers with different likes and styles…it’s a perfect combination.

As of right now, we have 16 definite vendors preparing for the September Market. I can guarantee you will not see the same thing twice, similar maybe, identical…no way. We have an amazing amount of items and styles to choose from, making Seaglass truly a place with something for everyone…yes, I know that is a cliche…but it fits so well here :

I doesn’t matter if you are looking for a teacup, a china cabinet to put your teacups in, or a unique desk for your clients study … Seaglass is for you. I want it all and I believe Seaglass has it all. Our vendors are picking, painting, re-purposing and creating all their finds and handmade items and filling the warehouse and in just about 3 weeks you will get to see what we want Seaglass to BE…a fun, diversified, amazing place to shop.

Make Seaglass a once a month destination and see what we have to offer. Mark your calendar and join us at the September Market: Friday 9/18 9:00-5:00, Saturday 9/19 9:00-5:00 and Sunday 9/20 12:00-5:00 at Seaglass Salvage Market 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy, Leland, NC 28451

Come find your treasure at Seaglass! Bring a friend, bring a truck and bring some cash!! See you then!