Why DIY?

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Think you might like to try it yourself? Come on then and jump on the DIY (do it yourself) bandwagon.

At Seaglass Salvage Market we are always showing you the beautifully finished end product, ready for a trip to its new home. But what if you have a different idea in mind, color doesn’t work for you and you’d like to get it a little more inexpensive? Well, welcome to the Seaglass DIY center.  Last month, we opened a booth up for just that, people who want to try it themselves. Now be warned: It isn’t always as easy at it seems, but it also isn’t as difficult as you might think either!

This month in our DIY center, we have headboards, side tables, end tables, dining tables, lots of rusted metal, shutters, old windows and the list goes on. But what can I make with this? Glad you asked and here is an idea: Go on a site like Pinterest and find something that interest you, then come out to Seaglass next weekend (19th and 20th) and find something that will work.  Or, you can come out to Seaglass, find a piece that you like, then go home and figure out what you would like to do with it to “make it your own!” Either way, the object is to snag, grab and take home something you like before it gets gone!


These days you can paint, wood, plastic, metal, fabric……..and on and on. So the formula is: idea, furniture, paint, LOVE IT or furniture, idea, paint, LOVE IT!

Just make sure you want to be a “do it yourself’er” and don’t fall into the “done it yet?” hole!


See you June 19th and 20th…lots of vendors inside and out!


The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

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