Color On!

It will probably surprise you, but on the Amazon best seller list for the month of April, adult coloring books.  And not just one made the list, 10 of them did. You enjoyed it as a child and now you can color to your heart’s content as an adult.

Adult coloring actually lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety. Another benefit is learning more about art. You may have forgotten color blending, or how shapes move into other shapes to make an animal or a landscape.  It also promotes coordination and unlocks creativity.

Adult coloring books have more complex patterns, smaller lines and more adult themes.  But if this articles inspires you to color right now, it’s perfectly acceptable to steal a page or two from a childs book or run to the dollar store.

color me

This month, we are having an “I can color too” workshop at Seaglass Salvage Market. Sign up, sip lemonade, eat cookies, be taken back to your childhood and relax!  You will leave new and improved and with a picture to hang on your refrigerator!

Great team building, bridesmaids function, book club fun or just a couple of hours to escape “life”.

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Check out our June workshops on FB at The Off Kilter Artist or on the Seaglass Salvage Market Page.

Enjoy your day and color on!


The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

Pop market….June 3rd 10am until 3pm

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