A man and his salvage

Let me introduce to you to Mr. Doug Moore.


Doug is the type of person that when you first meet him, you think to yourself, Southern Living Magazine or Our State Magazine, he is absolutely that interesting.

For 40 years Doug owned and operated, Moore’s Quality Woodwork. If you have eaten in restaurants around the North Carolina or Virgina area, chances are you have had the privilege to enjoy his work. Using architectural salvage from the town in which he was working, he preserved history and created charm and tradition in updated and new businesses.

Many of you from the Wilmington area know him as Doug, from Doug’s Salvage. For 17 years he supplied the area with architectural savage. Beautiful ornate doors, windows, moldings and trims were what kept his business afloat and the customers in awe. It’s been said that he is a “collector of old wood, especially if it’s dusty!”  And with that mentality he took apart many an old house, nail by nail, when others were using wrecking balls.

A native of Wilson County, he goes to the top of my list as someone you would want to meet. Keep watching, as he is a frequent visitor at Seaglass Salvage Market. He enjoys catching up with former clients but really visits to encourage and see the latest creations at Soul Pickets which is owned by his daughter, Kim, and located in Hoppers at Seaglass Salvage Market.

Leaving you with a few pictures of his personal home.(inside and out) His mind works as a true craftsman and artist, as you will see.

IMG_0676   IMG_8830

IMG_8960   IMG_9629


A huge thank you to Doug for sharing a small glimpse into his personal life.


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