Hand it to Moms

My sister and I have a fascination with hands. Why? Because a persons hands, tell the story of their life. Many things fade as time goes by, but I can always remember what my Mothers hands looked like. I smile thinking about her holding me with those hands when I was a baby, feeding me, wiping tears, giving hugs, saying grace, clapping at my recitals, loving me. And as I got older, those hands helped put me through college, they wrote notes of encouragement when we were miles away from each other, they held and loved my daughter, and they always waved hello and good-bye.

Yes, Mothers are special, Mothers are special indeed.

My daughter always tells me that I’m the best Mom in the world…I just smile, knowing exactly where I learned it from.

This Mothers Day why not take the time to hold your Moms hand and read the story. Guarantee it to be the best book around.

Leaving you with a few Seaglass Salvage Market Vendors and their awesome Moms. Happy Mothers Day!





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The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

(next market is May 15,16 and 17)