Life plan

Every now and again, I like to go off topic and give you something to work on in your life instead of in your workshop.

Today, it’s 4 little things that can help you build a better life.

1. Collect good ideas-If you don’t journal, you need to. A collection of your thoughts, likes, and what inspires you is a “go to” when you need new ideas, but also a treasure to hand down to future generations. It’s a reminder of how you got where you are and what you did to get there. A collection of great ideas to expand your business, relationships and your future.


2.  Have a plan-With anything a good plan is a must.  You don’t just go out and start laying bricks in a random pattern to build a house. No, first you calculate a plan. As with life, don’t start your day, month or year without a plan. As with house plans, you change and modify, so leave room in your life for modification, but get a plan!


3.  Give yourself time– As it’s said “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so you should remember to enjoy the journey of life, and give yourself time to make great things happen. But do set deadlines and strive to make it happen.

4.  Change-Realize that change, modification and discarding old rituals that aren’t working isn’t failure, it’s an investment in a new you.

Start today and you can look back next April 1st and see who still has foolish behaviors and who doesn’t.

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Source (Jim Rohn)