Reclaim it!

Reclaimed, recovered or rediscovered. Beautiful wood, however you want to label it.


These woods come from industrial mills, barns, old homes, forests, and riverbeds. Left to age naturally, these antique woods are of a quality and grain that is unequaled in woods found today. Heart pines with almost all heart, old growth oaks, douglas firs, cypresses, black cherry trees, are all being rediscovered after centuries of growth and 150 or more years of aging.These antique woods are noted for their dimensional stability, grain, character, and size.

Not only is the wood beautiful and full of character, it is also rich in history. Imagine your kitchen floors once shared by another family in another time and place. Or this beautiful mantle and hearth which was once the beam and flooring of a family barn. Em Blackman, who reclaimed the wood from her family land before she sold it said, “it’s nice to know that what I remember as a child, and the land that my parents left me, can still be a part of my life.”

photo (73)

As we each get a little older, keeping family traditions and history alive is paramount. My family has land on the Black River. As a child I can remember my Grandfather recreating the tales of his youth. Letting us know that the land where we are now standing was once a landing for the riverboats to dock and collect supplies. Today the wood being pulled from that river is beautiful and who knows, there could be a plank or two from my Great Great Grandmother’s dry goods store now serving a new purpose. Some things just live on.

So step up, reclaim your wood, and grab a piece of history. There is a lot to be said for “aging” and “old.”


The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

(and we’re like reclaimed wood…aging beautifully and becoming more valuable)