Gotta have it

Question of the day…”what should every household have?”  The answer…a well equipped tool box. According to Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) in The Gran Torino, you can do almost anything around the house with WD-40, vise grip and a roll of duct tape. Although great to have, we think a few more things are in order.

pink tools

1.  Screwdriver set-to include both phillip and flat head.

2.  Claw hammer– Bob Vila recommends a 16″, 1 pound.

3.  Pliers-Locking and adjustable are the best.

4.  Adjustable wrench-Crescent wrench.

5.  Tape measure-always measure twice and cut once.

6.  Utility knife-the toolbox workhorse.

7.  Work light/flashlight-using tools requires plenty of good light.

8.  Electric drill-you won’t be sorry.

9.  Hacksaw– can cut through most wood, plastic and metal. Opt for one with an easy replaceable blade.

10. Level-laser level is nice to have.

At the end of the day, place all of your items back in the toolbox and always keep it in the same place. Then you are ready for whatever DIY project comes your way!


Only 23 more days until Spring..until then stay warm, healthy and loved!

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market


(source: Thos Baker and lifehacker)