What do you love?

On this day of Love, I asked this question to some of our vendors and to some of our customers….“What do you love?” Family, friends and faith, was a given…here is what they said.


A beautiful sunrise, vintage, beer, stars, the sound of the ocean, an old metal can, salt air, beautiful art, book stores in Europe, water, warmth, seahorses, wine, nature, antiques, vinyl, black and white photography, watching children create with a box of scrap materials, wood burning, fresh flowers, the quiet of a snowfall, anything colorful, old buildings, rust, sunshine, old wood, good movie, watching a baby sleep, clean sheets, anything Mom cooks, finding money in your coat pocket, grilled cheese and tomato soup, a Saturday with nothing to do, reading a book on the beach, hiking, and finally a mate to that beautiful sunrise…a stunning sunset.

Happy Valentines Days! I hope you filled your day with things you love!

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market


See you next week…February 20, 21 and 22.