And the Press says….

A first time vendor came up to me at the last market and said she had never seen so much talent under one roof. Of course I agreed with her, but I’ve got proof to back it up.  Not only do our clients love us, but the press does too.

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Colorful Reimagining-A keen eye and a creative flair lead artist Tovi Heffron to give old things new life, one paint color at the time-This was the introduction to a story that Wilmington Magazine ran in their January/February issue. Tovi joined Seaglass Salvage Market as a permanent inside vendor in January. A very welcomed addition.

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Better Homes and Gardens Magazine did an article on vendor, Jean Snider.  I did it! ” When I heard the cost of the wall unit I wanted, I spent $150 on material and built one myself.”  Jean’s work is superior and she is a wealth of information!


Terry Eldridge was featured in a “Going Consignment Crazy” article in Focus On The Coast Magazine.  Terry is truly where “DIY meets Eco-Chic!”


Kelli Benton, owner of Shorely Worth It, was featured in Wilma Magazine. They highlighted her amazing lamps that can be seen at Seaglass Salvage Market.

So next time you hear us say “our vendors are great”, we’re just stating the facts!

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

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