On the eleventh day of Christmas….

We’re getting closer……

Today we would like to introduce to you, Lisa Thompson of Elle T Designs.  Lisa has always enjoyed decorating and making things “more than they are.” She can turn drab and boring into bold and beautiful!

Leaving her airline and financial background behind, Lisa decided it was time to embrace her artistic side and put her design degree to use.  She and a friend opened a furniture consignment store at Emerald Isle three years ago, and a junker, painter, and decorator was born. She has never looked back.

Lisa’s  goal is to make her booth “feel like home.” She likes adding special touches and interesting pieces that stretch the imagination and allow clients to see different possibilities of design.

Lisa will be at the December 20th market from 9am until 5pm, stop by and say hello.




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The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market