On the sixth day of Christmas….

A new vendor for our December 20th market will be Theodora with Organic Del Mar Handcrafted Jewelry.

Theodora studied at the Sawtooth School for the Visual Arts with a concentration in metal work.  She uses fresh water pearls, jade, amethyst, quartz and all sorts of gems in her designs. She enjoys working with precious metal clay, .999 pure silver, sterling silver, copper and bronze.

Theodora is also an avid collector of vintage pieces, such as belt buckles, coins, buttons and beads. She incorporates many of these into her art for a one-of-a-kind original piece of jewelry.

We are excited to have Organic Del Mar Handcrafted Jewelry with us for our December 20th market from 9am-5pm. Might just be what you need to finish up that Christmas list!

You can find Organic Del Mar Handcrafted Jewelry at Seaglass Salvage Market and on FB.





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