On the third day of Christmas…

In our vendor spotlight today, leading up to market on December 20th, is Mike Kinzie. Mike was a new vendor at our pop up market earlier in the month and was a hit with Seaglass Salvage customers from the start!

Years ago while in the handyman business, Mike began seeing that his pile of scrap wood was not going away. Out of necessity to reduce the leftovers, he started building birdhouses for friends and family.  More leftovers, he started building wheelbarrows for the garden, still a mound of wood, he started building lawn furniture…and then….a business was born!

Mike has since retired from the handyman business and is now splitting his time between his new venture and constructing homes as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  As much as possible he still uses materials that he can upcycle, making each creation a unique piece.

Mike will be at our December 20th market from 9am until 5pm. Stop by, shop with him and support another local artist!


The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

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