Can you hang?

Two commonly asked questions in the interior world is in regards to artwork and drapes….hope these help!


Focal point-Hang so the center point of the work is eye level for the average person.

Wall size-Don’t forget wall size in relation to your pieces.Small pictures in hallways and larger ones for big wall space. On the larger walls you might want to do a grouping of pictures or just hang two vertically side by side.


Furniture size– If you are placing art on a large wall, but are also placing a table on that wall, the art should not be longer in width than the furniture in front of it.


Height- To create illusion of added height, hang the rod above the window frame.

window pot

Want a clean, casual look….let the drapes just touch the floor.

Want a dramatic look…let the drapes pool onto the floor.

The right window treatment can enhance window size, shape and the way it filters light!


Happy decorating and remember that our next market is a “pop up sale”…December 4th from 2pm until 7pm.


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