What’s in a name?

People are sometimes confused with the word, salvage, that is in our name….here is a little information that you might enjoy…..

Salvage  {SAL-vij}     Of French Origin

As a Noun

The act of saving a ship or it’s cargo from perils of the sea.

The property so saved.

Compensation given to those who voluntarily save a ship or its cargo.

The act of saving anything from fire, damage or danger.

The property saved from danger

The value or proceeds upon sale of goods recovered from fire.

As a Verb

To save from shipwreck, fire, etc..

Quote with the word Salvage

“There is no end to the work of salvage in the drowning high seas of Christmas when loneliness in…..”   -May Sarton (poet)

Salvage as a value in word games

Words with friends..14


Trendy words associated with salvage….upscale, refurbish, recycle, upcycle, re-purposed

With all of that being said…At Seaglass Salvage Market, we have wood, doors and other salvageable materials.(noun) We also take items that are damaged or forgotten and give them an upcycled, refurbished and re-purposed look.(verb)

We actually just have a great time making things beautiful!  🙂

The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market