Disposable world..

We have become such a disposable city, state, nation and world.  We throw away everything from water bottles to cell phones and don’t think twice about it.  Our landfills are becoming cities of their own.  Solution? Think twice before you pitch it.

A creative mind is a great thing.  If you have an old shutter that still has a little life, use it as a recipe holder or mail holder.  That old dresser might just need a coat of paint, or as my Grandmother always said, “my sofa has good bones, I will just reupholster”.

I will call today, “think twice Thursday”, so think about it and see if anything around the house can be revived, reinvented or repurposed before you haul it to the curb!

(photos courtesy pinterest)

The girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

signs suitecase

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