Full circle

A little story for your Thursday morning……Frank knew that drinking was not only killing him, but also his family.  So at that moment, he dropped everything and checked himself into Hebron Colony in  Boone, NC.  After completing the program he came out a sober man and never drank again….that was 1970.

Fast forward to 2014….one of our business partners and her husband were celebrating their 2nd anniversary in Boone a few weeks ago.  They ran across some great old coffee bags and purchased all they could find.  Now the hunt was on for fabulous chairs to upscale with their new find! While on their hunt they ran across a great thrift store and to their amazement, was a charity for none other than Hebron Colony. Why so excited and why do I keep mentioning Hebron?  Frank, you see,  (who you met in the paragraph above) was her husbands Grandfather.

The thrift store was a jewel and they immediately found a couple of chairs they had to load up.  They were a little more than they wanted to spend but if the money went to help others, like it did Frank, no problem.  While waiting to pay, a man came in the store that had been drinking. He said he had no money, but needed a coat.  He was told he could choose a coat at no cost.  He picked a very expensive long tweed coat. If sold the charity could get a lot of money for it, but when the homeless man said he could also sleep in it and his legs would stay warm..it was his. The store owner wished him well and told him that Hebron was always there if he needed them.

Stumbling upon the thrift shop and being able to give back(in the way of a purchase) to a place that gave his Grandfather another chance at life, was a blessing.

Just wanted to share , so if you come by Seaglass Salvage Market this Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will know the story behind these beautiful upscaled chairs! What happened to the extra coffee bags you ask….we have those too!!


The Girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

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    My daughter asked me about the “coffee bag chairs” today and it made me think of the blog Lisa Thompson wrote about them wayyyyyyyyy back when we were just starting out…decided to pull it out of the archives today and share it. If you are struggling with alcohol (or drug) addiction, reach out…so many people are out there waiting to give you a helping hand. In honor of Frank Gore, we would like to share the website should you need help or want to get involved with their organization http://www.hebroncolony.org/ Thank you! Kelli 🙂


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