We’re growing!

This past weekend two of the partners left me holding the fort, as they set out to find new and exciting things for the October Market.  In four days they covered portions of three states! Truly amazing what you can find when you’re on a mission. Vintage sofas, dressers, desks, old ladders, tables…and that was just what I could see as they pulled in and before the tailgate was even opened. (Very quickly two old sitcoms came to mind…The Beverly Hillbillies and Sanford and Son.)

Our goal was to grow each month and yes, we are growing. Growing with great quality items that we are finding and growing with fantastic new vendors.  So for right now the doors are padlocked but will reopen at 9am on October 17, 18 and 19! Mark your calendars, because its going to be a “not to miss October market!”


The girls at Seaglass Market