Thrill of the hunt

With market once a month, everyday is a working day…(but I  have to say they are “fun” working days!)  We started our search for the perfect pieces about 10:30 am….after several stops, several conversations with people we knew…still only a few small items and our spirits were getting low.  Things were either way too expensive, required too much work or weren’t Seaglass Salvage Market worthy….and then…(drum roll)….we scored!  Great pieces, the van was full and our work was done!

What do we look for?  We look for things that we can see a vision in.  It only takes a little imagination, a little paint, a little elbow grease and something can go from trash to treasure. We look for things that might be better served as something else, so we upscale them and of course we take things home that just are too sad to be left behind, and we breathe a little life into those.

Lots of warehouse space to fill for October market, so its off to work we go!

The girls at Seaglass Salvage Market

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