Although Seaglass is not a hobby for me, I feel I may look at MY business a little different than most. I want a feeling of camaraderie, a place where the vendors WANT to be, a place where customers feel like they are visiting a friend. I use the term GOOD VIBE TRIBE often, and I use it with intention. Yes, we are all there to make money and yes, you come there to shop…BUT that is not my priority. My priority is to create a community of friends who come together once a month to share ideas, see whats new, catch up, drink some coffee and while all that is going on if you see something you can’t live without, by all means, buy it!

I believe in positive thinking, I believe in affirmations, I believe there is a want for good, old fashioned, neighborly small business. People like to be remembered, they like when you look them in the eyes and sincerely welcome them back. My goal as a business owner is to build a happy community, that happens to sell some amazing product.

Seaglass Salvage Market is 2 years old this month! We have encountered some hurdles and changed direction once or twice…but one thing has remained the same. Seaglass has a good VIBE, there is a feeling of friendship and empowerment between the vendors that you can literally FEEL when you wander from space to space. We work together, laugh together and help each other.  We have formed friendships, endured hardships, lifted each other up, cheered each other on and moved forward as a group. THAT makes me proud of the Brand we are creating.

Although one of the goals of Seaglass Vendors is to make sure the product and look changes each month, there is one thing that must be consistent for me to continue, I want a relationship with our customers and I want our vendors to build relationships with them as well. Money is important, but the consistency of the tone of how we interact with each other and all of you is what makes Seaglass what it is.

Yes, in order to have a business one must make a profit, but, to create a brand and keep customers coming back, one must build a community. If you’re reading this, whether it be directly through the blog or through social media, you are part of our community, and we thank you!

With the help of my sweet friend Heidi, I have found an affirmation for me to recite each day as a business owner whose business plan may be a little different than most…

We mindfully build our community by lifting each other up in support. Our vibe attracts our tribe, and we create a sum that is greater than its parts. (KICK A** right?!?! We think so too!) 

We look forward to seeing you at the next Market, August 19th 9-3 and 20th 9-5, if you are part of our community, you already know where…but, just in case, 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy., Leland, NC 28451.

Until then,

Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.


Vendor Q & A

I asked our Indoor Vendors some random questions! Here are their answers…I chimed in as well!

1. What is your favorite piece to paint?

Kim (with Soul Pickets): Children’s Tables and Chairs with a theme!

Rachel (with Rachel Allen Design): My fave piece is my signature Dessert Pedestals!

Pat (with In the Sand): Anything that sits still, EXCEPT  chairs.

Amy (with The Painted Mermaid): Anything carved, with lots of narvelous nooks and crannies:)

Jane (with Gravel Road Designs): I love painting seating…chairs, benches, stools.

Mike (with Kinzie Krafts): Anything but chairs!

Lyndsey (with Salted Magnolia in with The Painted Mermaid): Anything unique or ornate. The stranger or fancier the better.

Tovi (with Simply tovi):  Love to paint chairs and chests/buffets, mirrors and frames , architectural pieces, lamps, China cabinets , tables, oh wait that’s everything!

Kelli: I love Buffets or Sideboards.

2. Currently, what is your favorite color, to paint and/or decorate with?

Pat: Peacock

Jane: I love General Finishes color “Linen” for customers. Neutral and can be used with any decor.

Rachel: Um Seaglass Blue of course, also known as teal or Provence, buuuut Duck Egg is the customers fave!

Amy: I tend to mix colors. My mix inspired by the Southport Waterfront wall will always be my favorite

Lyndsey: White, Blues, greens, greys, and anything chippy or worn

Heidi (with Serendipity Jewelry): If it’s a color, I like it!

Tovi: Take a wild guess!?…ummmm Duck egg blue!

Kelli: Muted, Neutral Blues, Greys and Beiges. 

3. What are your favorite mediums to work with, whether it be for art or jewelry?

Kerri (with Rescued Rubbish): Rusty Metal junk for our lighting. I also have a love for steampunk jewelry even though I rarely offer it for sale. Love using watch parts and any tiny metal thingymajigs.

Terry (with Terry Ganey Art): OOOOOO!!! Me too!! I have a bunch of rigs, gears, etc. Love Steampunk❤ My all time favorite medium is acrylic – it dries quickly. (I’m inpatient 😁), you can use it right out the tube and it is close to using oils, or thin it out with water, and it becomes closer to watercolors. Very versatile. 

Heidi:  I love creating with stone, crystal, and mineral beads. Made in nature, they are found in nearly every color. Flaws and imperfections only add to their beauty. There’s nothing like the thrill of making adornments that Mama Earth has created first. The energy of every piece is unique!

Jenn (with Jellyfish Tide):  If it’s soft enough to stamp, I love it! Aluminum is so versatile because it can be shiny or brushed. But pewter is probably my favorite because of its shine. I also love how my stamps sink into the surface of pewter.

Pat: Wood…it smells so good…you can shape it, sand it, paint it, stain it, mold it, curve it, then refinish it, repaint it, reuse it ….. (she then proceeded to quote Bubba and the famous shrimp line from Forrest Gump!!)

Amy: Old silver plate and copper dishes are my current favorite for flowers, suns, etc. :)

Mike: Old wood with age and character.

Kim: Pieces from the internal guts of anything that can be disassembled. The weirder the better, especially when someone has to ask what it is after you use it.

Tovi: Anything with clean classic lines OR intricate details.

4A. Do you watch HGTV? What is your favorite show?

4B.What is your go to website (or magazine) for ideas and inspiration?

Jenn: Fixer Upper. I ❤️ Chip & Jo! 

Jane: A. Yes. Sarah Richardson and Fixer Upper.
B. Coastal Living & Country Living…

Lyndsey: A. Fixer upper all the way.
B. Coastal living, Southern Living

Pat: 1-Flea Market Flip, 2-Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Kim: Color Splash with David Bromstad. It’s not really on anymore but this was one cool guy. Very outside the box and original.

Lisa (with Vintage Finds & Design):  I watch Flea Market Flip, Fixer Upper and Property Brothers.

Sheila (with She ReShells): Fixer Upper and Flea Market Flip.

Tovi:  A. Fixer Upper B. Pinterest and all decorating magazines (LOVE magazines) from country living to costal living to traditional home and veranda…all interior mags.

Kelli: A. Also Fixer Upper! B. Website: Pinterest. Magazines: Boho Style, Country Living, Southern Living. (Oh and Veranda!) 

5. What is your guilty pleasure?! Is there something you CANNOT walk by in an antique, thrift or resale store without HAVING to buy it?

Kim:  It “used to be” portraits that were a little “whacky” in character and “bad” – but interesting “cool” original art!

Pat: Any piece of furniture with cool legs!

Kerri: Just ONE thing???

Lisa: I have many more than one!I love footstools, lamps, scales, boxes, and unique industrial things. The list also includes radios and clocks!!

Heidi:  I love tiny vessels-honey pots and sugar bowls.

Jane: A chair. .never met a chair I didn’t love. For my personal collection it’s a vintage tin wind-up top.

Tovi: I adore chairs and silver/silver plate and for myself…white or cream soup tureens (obsessed) ❤️

Kelli: Mermaids! 


I enjoyed this so much, hope y’all do too! Do you have any questions for our vendors? Please let us know!

Until next time,

Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.



Looking For A New Marketing Outlet?

As most of you know, SSM is a once a month Market in Leland. We are very grateful for the following we have acquired and we are very proud of the growth we see each month, both in foot traffic and on our website and social media pages, which we work diligently on every day! 

SSM, as planned, is becoming a destination for locals, transplants and tourists alike, and each month I get the same questions …”Can you recommend similar type places to us?” or “Where should we head next?” I very happily point them in your direction, which gave me an idea. While they are planning their Seaglass day trip wouldn’t it be so convenient for them to plan out their whole day? OR what if they head to our website only to find out it isn’t SEAGLASS WEEKEND? Wouldn’t it be perfect if they could find YOUR shops addresses and business hours? Wouldn’t it be lovely if they could find your Shopify or Etsy pages, knowing you are recommended by a business they trust?
We are very proud to be part of the #shopsmall #shoplocal revolution and we also believe we need to work together, and market together,  to keep it going. I have created a page (click to see 2 samples) on our website that I will share and market as a #shoplocal Directory with the intention of showing consumers we are people, not corporations, who support each other and believe we are all in this together. Good Vibes, positive words, encouragement and cross marketing of local businesses (whether it be brick and mortar or online shops) can only lead to good things! Most of the artists and artisans we come across are women, and although this is not a prerequisite, it would be nice to lift each other up!
The fee for joining our page is $20.00 per month (1 month free, if you pay 1 year in full.) This would include your logo on our page with a link to your Website, Blog, FB Page, or Online Shop, weekly marketing on our Social Media Pages, as well as an opportunity to be a “guest blogger” on our blog. We hope to eventually collaborate on social media pages as well to help each other gain and maintain consumers who are interested in the small shop items we all carry. 
New Hanover and Brunswick Counties are FULL of so many talented people, and that is who we are reaching out to! If you are interested in joining us with this innovative way of marketing for the #shopsmall community in Leland and Wilmington (and surrounding areas) please contact us at to schedule an appointment for us to come visit you to set up your link!


July, was a HOT one…but we survived! Thank you to all who battled the crazy heat and random storms to visit us at this past market, your dedication to us truly makes us HAPPY! We are curious to see what August holds, it certainly can’t get any hotter … right?!?! (Just humor me, pa leeeeeeze!)

August will be our last “short” weekend, as we go back to having Sunday hours in September…and speaking of September, we will also be celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary that month! We will be planning some fun festivities that weekend, stay tuned!

Rachel Allen, one of our indoor Vendors, came up with a lovely idea for a FACEBOOK promotion! If you have been to Seaglass and have purchased something wonderful from one of our INDOOR vendors, post a picture of the item on our FB page to be entered into a monthly drawing! The rules are simple…SHARE a photo of your purchase on our SEAGLASS SALVAGE MARKET FB PAGE, USE the HASHTAG #igotitatseaglass and your name will be entered in a drawing to win something wonderful from Seaglass! We will announce the winner on the Thursday BEFORE Market and you MUST claim it at the AUGUST Market. (*You must post your picture by Wednesday August 17th to be entered in time for the August Market Drawing and Winner MUST pick up the item at the August Market 8/19 or 8/20, we will not ship.) We are so looking forward to seeing all your goodies in their new homes, so get to posting! (I will post an example on the page today, as I bought a wonderful piece this market from Simply tovi! So keep an eye out for it!)

We look forward to seeing you at SSM in August and hope you have a wonderful month until we see you again! Don’t forget to utilize our website, it is full of info and will more than most likely answer any questions you may have about our Market, if it doesn’t, always feel free to contact us at, thanks!

Until then,

Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.






The Importance of Color

I was in Nevada this week, visiting my sons (and picking up my grandson for a summer visit) while we were enjoying our time together, catching up and reminicing there was something random I noticed about our surroundings…everything was predominantly BROWN. Thank God for the beautiful blue skies, and the few green trees, otherwise, I feel I would have slipped into a depression! I never realized how color affects my mood or how VISUAL I have become over the years.


Henderson, NV

I do believe living in NC has spoiled me, I will never allow the novelty of the beauty I am surrounded by each day to wear off. Blue skies, green grass, flowers and birds of every color and of course, that breath taking ocean, I love looking around me and truly enjoying my surroundings every day. Sunrise, Sunset and millions of stars at night just add to the colors in my mind each day. I know I appreciate the colors around me each day, but I appreciate them a little more today, after living those few day void of most of them.


Wilmington, NC



Colors play an important part in our lives, thanks to all the Home Magazines and HGTV we are surrounded by what OTHER PEOPLE think we should do in our homes. Such a personal decision and honestly not an easy one, but so much fun finding the ONE!

SSM has a Pinterest Board specifically for colors, after just going through it, I realized…I’m kinda boring! Lots and lots of neutrals…but, that makes POPS of colors around the house another fun option. Head to Seaglass for the July Market to see both Neutrals and great POPS of color and of course, tons of smiling faces!

What is your favorite color scheme?


Seaglass Salvage Market 1987 Andrew Jackson Hwy Leland, NC 28451

Friday July 15th  9:00-3:00 & Saturday July 16th 9:00-5:00

See you there!




The Characters of SSM

Once a month?!? After I give my spiel, THAT is always the first question.

Seaglass Salvage Market is not your typical shop, but our business hours aren’t the only reason. There are 26 people inside that make SSM what it is each and every month, 28 if I include myself and my husband. That is 28 personalities, thought processes and ideas. Seaglass evolves constantly because as each of us learn something new or have an amazing creative thought, we have the space and opportunity to watch it come to life each month. The goal of Seaglass is to have an ever changing Market to keep our customers curiosity piqued, and those “characters” inside will never disappoint. For more than 3 weeks out of the month, they are out there living their lives. Working, learning, watching, experiencing and creating. 28 people who each have their own vision, process and resourcefulness to take what they imagine and make it come alive each month. I learn something new every single market from this talented group.

I shop in big box stores, I purchase items that were made in a factory in China…BUT when I purchase something handmade or upcycled by a PERSON I get to meet and smile at and tell them that their work is beautiful, that piece represents something and it makes my house have character and personality. I like when my “things” have a story, have meaning. EVERYTHING in Seaglass has meaning, I think that is part of it’s charm and why both vendors and customers keep coming back.

I am a firm believer in word of mouth, in sharing the wealth and in lifting each other up. When I market SSM I market each individual vendor within the building, not just Seaglass as a whole…so the actual purpose of this Blog is to let you know THIS is their job (for some a primary job, for others a 2nd job), it is how they put food on the table or plan for a family vacation. They are husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. They are full time workers and part time workers. They are Retired Teachers, Flight Attendants, Hospital Administrators and Physicians Assistants. They are certified Dulas,  Hypnotherapists and UltraSound Technicians. They have Facebook Pages, Etsy Shops, Websites, Internet Shops and Brick and Mortar Shops. Although we want you at Seaglass the 3rd weekend of every month, most of our vendors are available all month long, no need to wait if you need something NOW.

Our website tells you all about Seaglass Salvage Market, our business hours and directions but there is also a page specifically dedicated to our Indoor Vendors…Meet Our Indoor Vendors is the best way to get in touch with any one of our amazing vendors from the most eclectic group of characters I have ever been privileged to meet!

We look forward to seeing you at our June Market THIS weekend, June 17th 9-3 and June 18th 9-5.



What’s Your “Splurge?”

I am not afraid to spend a little money, I am a firm believer of “you get what you pay for,” however, I’m not a pushover either. There are certain products I buy in certain stores, for example I won’t buy toothpaste or deodorant in the grocery store…common sense, right? Same product, more money…this to me is a no brainer, and the main reason I will never stop going to Wal-Mart and I why I love me some Dollar General (don’t judge me!).

I am not a couponer but I love to save a buck or 2, and I have no problem taking advantage of a discount, in the same sense, I’m not afraid to pay a little more for something I think is worth it.

Food, shoes and bags are probably my biggest splurges, just ask my husband, he’ll tell ya!

  • A good steak, amazing Italian Food or a delicious pastry, take my money. Mediocre food in a “passing fad” restaurant…getouttahere. You may fool me once, but I will not be back, but if you have delicious food, a great atmosphere and wonderful servers consider me a regular … even if the entrees are a tad pricey and I can get a bottle of wine for what they charge for a glass!
  • I love shoes, it used to be about the LOOK, but now, honestly, it’s about comfort. If they’re cute AND comfortable…SOLD! <——Not gonna lie, though, that’s hard to find!
  • I love big bags, I cannot lie! I’m not a hoarder or anything, but I have more pocketbooks than I need.

I also am not afraid to buy something that “speaks” to me. Yes, that has happened. You know what I’m talking about…you see something and you say OOOOHHHHHHH MYYYYYY, your heart pounds, and you get a big smile on your face…you look at the price and go back and forth and convince yourself you don’t NEED it. You can’t stop thinking about it! You have the PERFECT spot for it (or you rearrange your entire house in your head to MAKE the perfect spot for it.) Every now and then you need to SPLURGE, you need to get something special for yourself JUST BECAUSE. I have several of these splurges in my home, and I have yet to regret one of them. Life is short buy the _____________! (Insert your “thing” here!)

I happen to know a fun little place where you can spend the day looking for your “splurge,” and since it’s only open once a month, you have plenty of time to save so you don’t feel too guilty:) If you’ve ever been to Seaglass you know not everything will be a splurge, because there are plenty of bargains…but, if you see something you have to have, GO FOR IT!

We hope to see you  June 17th & 18th!