May Flowers

The May Market is right around the corner! Hard to believe how quickly the months pass…but here we go again!

We are looking forward to a few changes inside, thrilled to have Kevin with Coastal Woodworking joining us and very glad that Bess will still be with us, even if in a smaller capacity. Lunchbox Pickles and My Porch Dawg, with fabulous snacks for humans and pups alike, will share a fun space in the far back corner. Deb with That’s Unexpected will be taking over the “kitchen space” and The Painted Mermaid will have more Boho clothing this month! (You can always find a list of our indoor vendors on our website!)

Cape Fear Raptor will be back Saturday & Sunday, the Vendors are just as excited as the Customers! We have an awesome group of outdoor vendors and Food Trucks scheduled for Saturday & Sunday…and as always, the coffee is free!

Head to Seaglass May 19th 9-3, May 20th 9-5 and May 21st 12-5 for three days of Shopping and catching up with friends! (May is the last three day weekend for the next three months, we are closed on Sundays in JUNE, JULY, and AUGUST. PLEASE mark your calendars!)

We look forward to seeing you!

Until then…Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.

Kelli 🙂



April-Donate Life Month

As we head into the 4th month of 2017, and hopefully some lovely weather, we are excited to see what’s coming next to SSM! Our indoor vendor list has shifted, and we have some moving going on and some additions! But first, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to a very dear friend of ours. Sweet Tovi has been with us almost from the very beginning and simply tovi has been synonymous with Seaglass Salvage Market for some time, no competition, always comradery. Her presence, and that of her lovely family, set precedence for what I wanted Seaglass to become. I will miss her smile, but Tovi will always and forever be a part of SSM, so I will not say goodbye, because I feel she will be visiting us … often! (We will however, wish her much luck in her new endeavors!)

As Marie with N Marie Designs changes her double wide into a single, Susan with OceanaireDreamer moves uptown, Jillian Nicole Boivin moves out of her studio into a bigger space…with a new room mate…her momma, Laura and Luck Lola Art and last, but not least, we have the lovely new kid on the block, Karen Shaw of Studio 113 LLC!  Jane with Gravel Road Designs is heading to Nashville so she won’t be with us this month, but she will be back in May. 

Another change, for this month ONLY, is our business hours! We are open Friday April 14th 9:00-3:00 and Saturday April 15th 9:00-3:00 and we will be closed Easter Sunday. We will have T’Geaux Boys serving on Friday and 2 Bro’s Coastal Cuisine on Saturday and Tara with Dee Lee’s Delights will be joining us both days with delicious chocolate just in time for Easter! (This is just a taste of what can be found this month, for a full list of our #goodvibetribe visit our Indoor Vendor page on our website!) Oh, and of course we will have some Easter treats for all the sweet kiddies who happen to hop in Friday or Saturday! 

April is National Donate Life Month, the Lindsay M. Benton Foundation will be taking this opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation, as well as raising money with fun games and a raffle…and plenty of giveaways (while supplies last!) Seaglass Salvage Market will also match the $6.00 already donated to LMBF for every Donate Life Bracelet purchased from Jellyfish Tide AT THE MARKET! If you plan on being a Sponsor or making a donation for the Volleyball Tournament in September, this month would be an awesome month to do so, bring it to the Market and join in the festivities! 

Come shop, eat, play and give back at Seaglass Salvage Market’s April Market…we jammed an awful lot into just 2 days! (Speaking of jam…have you tried the Pepper Jellies from Our Mom’s Best?!? Just sayin’!) 

See you @Seaglass April 14th & 15th … and please don’t forget to pay attention to the signs and follow them to the NEW ENTRANCE!!


We look forward to seeing you,

Kelli 🙂

Spring is Marching In

February was an amazing month for SSM, and it kinda snuck up on us! 22 outdoor vendors…BAM, out of the blue! Mother Nature was on our side…what gorgeous weather we had. Spring fever certainly had a lot to do with, what I believe, was our best Market EVER. Cape Fear Raptor Center certainly didn’t hurt, as the vendors and the public couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous birds of prey they brought with them, and we are looking forward to having them back in May.

img_1069March is looking like it may be another stellar month! Be sure to wear your GREEN as the start of the weekend begins with St. Patrick’s Day … free coffee and Irish Soda Bread will be available for all to enjoy.

Our scheduled food trucks … Friday: A & M Red Food Truck, Saturday: 2 Bro’s Coastal Cuisine & Sunday: Trolly Stop Hot Dogs will be serving delicious food and Snowies of the Carolinas will be joining us all weekend!

We already have an awesome list of Outdoor Vendors and we are thrilled to have P.E.A.R (Pender Endangered Animal Rescue) joining us Saturday March 18th!

Be sure to mark your calendar as this looks like another Seaglass Weekend you will not want to miss! Friday March 17th 9:00-3:00, Saturday March 18th 9:00-5:00 and Sunday March 19th 12:00-5:00.

We also have a Workshop scheduled for March 25th (which is an off market weekend), with Amy from The Painted Mermaid! Be sure to contact Amy if you are interested in attending! It starts at 10 and should run until about 11:30. She will be going over the basics of painting using Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder and waxing. You leave with a finished picture frame! $35.00 all supplies provided (including coffee!! LOL) Call Amy to reserve your seat 910-454-4549 or let her know at the March Market!

*Please note, due to the number of people at the market each month the warehouse itself is no longer “dog friendly” and we do apologize, but it is for the safety of everyone, including your fur babies!

**Our new neighbor, East Coast Strength, is a 24 hour gym and the property has been reconfigured to accommodate their busines hours…please pay attention when you arrive at Seaglass as you will be required to use the first driveway instead of the 2nd…there will be signs to help with the transition!


Full circle

My daughter asked me about the “coffee bag chairs” today and it made me think of the blog Lisa Thompson wrote about them wayyyyyyyyy back when we were just starting out…decided to pull it out of the archives today and share it. If you are struggling with alcohol (or drug) addiction, reach out…so many people are out there waiting to give you a helping hand. In honor of Frank Gore, we would like to share the website should you need help or want to get involved with their organization Thank you! Kelli 🙂

Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.

A little story for your Thursday morning……Frank knew that drinking was not only killing him, but also his family.  So at that moment, he dropped everything and checked himself into Hebron Colony in  Boone, NC.  After completing the program he came out a sober man and never drank again….that was 1970.

Fast forward to 2014….one of our business partners and her husband were celebrating their 2nd anniversary in Boone a few weeks ago.  They ran across some great old coffee bags and purchased all they could find.  Now the hunt was on for fabulous chairs to upscale with their new find! While on their hunt they ran across a great thrift store and to their amazement, was a charity for none other than Hebron Colony. Why so excited and why do I keep mentioning Hebron?  Frank, you see,  (who you met in the paragraph above) was her husbands Grandfather.


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Showing some LOVE


(Image found on Google/Pinterest)

Since it’s February and every where I go these days I see HEARTS, I thought I’d show a little love. Love to the amazing women I see out there.. GETTING IT DONE. Most are not without male counter parts (although, some are) assisting them with the heavy lifting and cheering them on, but none the less…they are out there doing what they love. And no, I am not just talking about the 25 women who help make Seaglass the awesome place it is.

I’m talking about Erica of Brushin’ Up, Jody and Bobbie of Flea Body’s, Amy of The Painted Mermaid, Kelly of Baker’s Street, Janie of Vintage Market Place, Jess of Jess James + Co., Karyn of Second Skin Vintage, Tammy of Creative Cake Designs and  Patrizia of Planet just to name a few. Oh, I also don’t want to forget Samantha of Saltscapes Decor which is opening this month. I love being grouped in with such a kick a** group of women in an area that appreciates local owned businesses. I love that Brunswick and New Hanover Counties are FULL of shops and restaurants that are owned by average Joe’s (and Jane’s) who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it.

Now to be fair, I’m all about equality :), there are some awesome businesses out there owned by couples and or men…Luna Cafe, Jester’s Cafe, Bitty & Beau’s, Brick & Mortar and ARTphics for example. It truly would take me some time to list each individually owned business in the area, the brewery’s and taprooms alone would need their own blog, but I have no objection to you doing so, please feel free to comment your own business or one you frequent often that you think needs to feel some LOVE…because all the marketing in the world will never beat WORD OF MOUTH! Let’s spread the love this February and let all the locally owned shops know we appreciate them. Search them on Google, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, frequent them and recommend them to your family and friends. Spread the word…Spread the Love. There is enough for all of us after all.

Hope to see you at the next Seaglass Market February 17th – 19th,

Until then Reuse. Recycle. Restyle.

Kelli : )


Repurpose by Pat Breeden

Our Second Guest Blogger is Pat Breeden with In The Sand. Creations by Pat. 


The Power Thesaurus gives us many synonyms for this word: reprocess, remodel, recycle, reuse, regenerate, rethink, replay, reassign, and relocate.  

The dictionary defines repurpose as “to reuse something for a different purpose from the one that was originally intended.” I like to think of it simply as giving new life to a piece of furniture.

I had no idea 3 years ago that I would be recycling, aka. repurposing furniture or certainly that I would be a vendor in an awesome venue like Seaglass Salvage Market. Fishing is my passion but when the cold months got here I needed an alternative so I began making jewelry. That’s how I got to Seaglass in November 2014 as an outside vendor on the coldest weekend known to modern man in Leland, NC. I loved it there but told the owners that I’d see them in the spring.

Over the winter months, I began picking up furniture that needed love and learning foreign terms like chalk paint, antiquing wax, Purdy brushes, polyacrylic, and finding that I needed a saw …. a power tool … HOTDOG!! I scoured Pinterest for ideas and copied others ideas. I messed up a lot of wood and fingers. I also learned that small intricate crafty projects were not for me and superglue will glue your fingers to your shirt and anything else it comes in contact with.  

I realized over time that not only was I repurposing furniture items but I was repurposing myself. I couldn’t wait to get home from my day job to work on furniture. I was becoming a pretty decent carpenter. I was now the proud owner of 6 different kinds of saws, several sanders, an oscillating tool, and I knew how to use them all. I gave new life to the old tossed out furniture and it gave new life to me.

I didn’t need Pinterest as much as in the beginning. Now when I see an old TV stand sitting there I already see an island. When I see an old pantry door I see a shadowbox coffee table. Not only can I see it but I can build it.  

So I showed back up at Seaglass that next spring and graduated to an indoor vendor. I found my “tribe” … those special creative friends who cry with and for each other; laugh with and even at each other; applaud our successes and pick each other up in our tough moments. We even sing and dance together sometimes as any good tribe would do!!!

As a new me evolves through this avocation of repurposing, I am constantly inspired to see the beauty in furniture and people that could be easily missed if the deeper beauty was obscured by an unfinished exterior.

Finding Your Tribe by Amy Atwell

As most of you who follow us know, we have an amazing group at Seaglass Salvage Market. Our Good Vibe Tribe and the feeling we promote is a big part of what keeps you coming back. I have invited the Indoor Vendors to be GUEST BLOGGERS and I am so excited to see who participates and what they have to say!

Our first volunteer is the lovely Miss Amy from The Painted Mermaid! Enjoy…


12729388_1059765840734052_550479608258126322_nSo the opportunity was put to us as Indoor Vendors at Seaglass Salvage Market to write a guest blog. And although owner Kelli Anne Benton tossed out a couple of examples of possible topics, she pretty much said ‘have had it, speak to what speaks to you’, but ‘what we do as local vendors’  jumped out at me… 
You see, I’ve been in the retail industry for 30+ years now, and a junker/artist at heart for almost as long.  And for most of those years earning a living meant competing – competing for the recognition, competing for the raise, competing for the promotion… And although there was always a lot of talk of ‘developing your direct reports’ and ‘supporting/recognizing your peers’, at the end of the day there was just plain old, flat out, a whole dang lot of competition. But please don’t misunderstand, over the years I experienced MANY amazing mentors, peers and members of each team, all of whom played great roles in who and where I am today, but never did I find an environment where it really was all about supporting each other, ALL the time. So eventually I built one… and one of the things I preached and preached to interested artists was to get out there.  Be in the right places, find the right markets, make your right connections. And in following my own advice I found Seaglass Salvage Market…
So what do we do as vendors at Seaglass Salvage Market?  We thrive on the diversity of our personalities, lifestyles and talents. We come together as a group to support each other and those looking to learn the trade. And we ‘get’ that ‘supporting another’s success does not impede your own’ (in fact, I’d say it enhances it).  
Life isn’t always perfect, but spending as much of it with people who make it positive is. So no matter what you do to earn a living, take tiny steps every day to feed your soul and drive your dreams, but most importantly, ‘find your tribe’ because no one ever gets there alone.  🙂